This is a list of unnamed Romulan and Reman starships of the D'deridex-class.

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Itarian wreck[edit | edit source]

In 2368, the wreckage of a warbird was placed by the Romulan Tal Shiar within the Itarian system, well within Federation space, where the Romulans established a starbase and a system of warp dampeners in a bid to lure out the Suurok-class Vulcan science vessel Seleya, commanded by Commander T'Uerell. This wreckage was discovered by the Starfleet vessel USS Defiant, commanded by acting captain Benjamin Sisko, who had taken the newly completed Defiant-class prototype for a trial run. Upon its discovery, the wreck was destroyed by a volley of torpedos from a trio of warbirds led by Valerius, which subsequently decloaked and confronted the Defiant. (ST video game: Legacy)

Valerius' escort[edit | edit source]

Two warbirds, along with Valerius' Warbird, lay in wait for the Seleya, which they attempted to lure to the Itarian system within Federation space. When their incursion was discovered by the Defiant, they destroyed the wrecked warbird that they had planted within the system as they decloaked. Soon after, they attacked and pursued the Defiant into the Itarian nebula, where they ultimately captured the ship, keeping it docked at their starbase in within the nebula, with the crew being held captive, leading to the mission to Itari. (ST video game: Legacy)

Itari warbirds[edit | edit source]

Several warbirds engaged a task force of four Starfleet vessels led by the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, as they moved to retrieve the Defiant from the Itarian nebula. Ultimately, Picard's task force successfully lowered the Romulan starbase's defenses, allowing the Defiant crew to return to their ship and leave the system with Picard's task force. (ST video game: Legacy)

These vessels cannot be named as their designations were randomly selected by the game software each time the story mission is played.

Praetus' escort[edit | edit source]

During the Third Battle of Deep Space 9 in 2380, two warbirds fought alongside Commander Praetus' warbird, the IRW Si'rak, against a Borg diamond and two Borg obelisks in the Bajoran system as a Starfleet task force led by the Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E moved to unite the allied forces against T'Uerell's Borg Collective. (ST video game: Legacy)

These vessels cannot be named as their designations were randomly selected by the game software each time the story mission is played.

Alternate timelines[edit | edit source]

At Romulan-held Earth.

In a timeline where the Romulans conquered the Federation in the 2260s decade and enslaved Humanity, a D'deridex-class warbird hung in low orbit between Earth and its Romulan fleet station when William T. Riker and his crew were chased by a trio of Scorpion-class fighters towards the prison holding Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG comic: "Deviations")

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