The following is a list of unnamed Deep Space 9 personnel.

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Guard on PromenadeEdit

In 2369, this guard was on the Promenade when Azira was yelling for her son Rasa. He moved to help but by then she had found her son. (DS9 novel: The Siege)


This pair of security guards took Seret silently out of the public parts of Deep Space 9 and back to the infirmary. (DS9 short story: "Mirror Eyes")

Bajoran deputyEdit

Bajoran deputy Malibu3

Bajoran deputy.

(DS9 comic: "Old Wounds")

Starfleet security NCOEdit

Security NCO Malibu3

Security NCO.

(DS9 comic: "Old Wounds")

Starfleet security crewmanEdit

Security crew Malibu3

Security crewman.

(DS9 comic: "Old Wounds")


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