This is a list of timeships of Epoch-class design without known names or designations.

Vandar's timeshipEdit

In an alternate reality, an Epoch-class ship was deposited on Earth at some point prior to the 23rd century. In this reality, Emperor Vandar tracked the Epoch ship when it arrived in his space-time, and captured its occupant, and took the vehicle to his trophy room. This particular Epoch was present when he captured and entertained Captain James T. Kirk and landing party, who had been captured along with a number of Legionnaires from yet another reality. (TOS - Legion of Super Heroes comic: "Issue 5")

The only Epoch-class ship known to travel to Earth's past was the USS Aeon piloted by Captain Braxton, which suggests that Vandar's captured ship could be the Aeon or one of it's alternate reality counterparts. There is the possibility, however, that Vandar had captured another Epoch-class ship entirely.


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