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John Glenn type, Valley Forge type and Sun Tzu type starships in fleet action.

This page lists and describes unnamed Federation starship classes

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By reality[]

By named starship[]

Anansi type[]

This type of starship, known by the USS Anansi, was specifically designed for use in the Dominion War. It was a small vessel with a blunted front section and several hard corners - designed with martial practicality in mind rather than aesthetics. It possessed the usual twin warp nacelles as well as a shuttlebay large enough to hold a Danube-class runabout. The ship also had a small holodeck with a volume of about three meters cubed. (DS9 - Prophecy and Change short story: "Chiaroscuro")

Balmung type[]

USS Balmung

The starship class to which the USS Balmung belonged was similar in appearance to the Ambassador-class. It shared the same layout, with a similar primary and secondary hull, but with warp nacelles more akin the the refit-Excelsior-class, and impulse engine housing with an even older design aesthetic harking back to the original Excelsior-class. (Ships of the Line 2012)

The Balmung was designed by artist Dan Uyeno as a chronologically intermediate starship between the Excelsior and the Ambassador-classes. Along with the USS Mughi, it was featured in the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar in the image Reprovisioning at Sea for February.

Curry type[]

The USS Curry

The type of starship, known by the USS Curry, was in service during the late-24th century, and combined design elements from both the Excelsior-class and Constitution-class starships. (DS9 episode: "A Time to Stand")

A similar-looking design , the Raging Queen type, was also seen in the same episode, but their were some differences compared to the Curry. Some unlicensed sources, such as Last Unicorn Games' Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet and The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon, refers to it as a Curry-class vessel, but that designation has yet to appear in a licensed source. The sourcebooks also lists several additional Curry-class vessels, including: the USS Drexler (NCC-45618), the USS Sternbach (NCC-45619), the USS Harryhausen (NCC-72846), and the USS Simms (NCC-73048).
Some fan sources also refer to it as the Shelley-class.

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Gallant type[]

The USS Gallant in 2285.

The Gallant-type starship was in service from at least the 2250s to the 2280s. Its semi-circular primary hull was directly attached to the secondary hull, to which two large warp nacelles branched off from the rear. The USS Gallant served as a training vessel for Starfleet Academy, and as a patrol ship. (ST video game: Starship Creator; TOS comic: "The Wormhole Connection")

John Glenn type[]

See: John Glenn type.

Maverick type[]

The USS Maverick in 2379.

The ship class to which the USS Maverick belonged was of an unusual design. It consisted of a rectangular hull only a few decks thick with a flattened hexagonal navigational deflector dish set in front, and a pair of large, angular, warp nacelles that jutted forward giving it the appearance of a larger, elongated Surak-type warp sled. This class was in Starfleet service until at least 2379. (ST - Alien Spotlight comic: "Borg")

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Mughi type[]

USS Mughi

The starship class to which the USS Mughi belonged had a distinct 2270s/2280s design aesthetic, and a layout similar to the smaller Oberth-class, but with a couple of major differences: The primary hull and nacelles were attached to the secondary hull by a dorsal connector (or neck); and the secondary hull itself mounted two large outboard cargo pods, one on either side. The aft section of the secondary hull served as a cargo bay accessible by shuttlecraft - It was open to space, but a forcefield kept the atmosphere contained. A shuttlebay was located in the aft section of the primary hull, with an arboretum in the starboard rear quarter. (Ships of the Line 2012)

The Mughi was designed by artist Dan Uyeno as a starship that would be in use from the late-23rd century through to the 2360s (Dan Uyeno's SOTL Showcase). Along with the Balmung, it was featured in the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar in the image Reprovisioning at Sea for February.

Nelson type[]

The USS Nelson in 2254.

The Nelson-type starship, operating in the 2250s, appeared to be a Constitution-class variant and predecessor to the Constellation-class. It had four warp nacelles, one pair above the primary hull, and one pair below. (EV comics: "The Fallen", "Futures, Part One")

Onimaru type[]

The Onimaru in orbit around an inhabited planet.

This large starship, in service in the late-24th century, was known by the USS Onimaru, NCC-76890. It had an oval primary hull, the longest axis of which lined up fore and aft, with at least six dorsal phaser arrays, two secondary impulse engines (one either side of the aft hull), numerous ASRV-type escape pods, an auxiliary craft landing pad and the main shuttlebay. The saucer joined directly to the wide secondary hull with the main impulse engine in the centre of the vessel's "spine". The two angular warp nacelles had a flattened octagonal cross-section and were joined to the secondary hull by nacelle pylons that curved gently back and upwards. (Ships of the Line 2014)

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Pleiades type[]

The USS Pleiades

This type of small starship, known by at least one vessel, the USS Pleiades, was in operation in the 2360s or 2370s. The class featured a long round hull, which was bisected about a third from the aft of the vessel by the vessel's circular warp nacelles. The class appeared to have two decks, with a cockpit and aft compartment on the upper-deck. The class was capable of making terrestrial landings. (ST calendar: Ships of the Line 2008)

The Pleiades was a new class introduced in the Ships of the Line calendar. The designer Mark Rademaker describes it as a New Atlantic-class runabout. Additional images of the class by Rademaker show its modular characteristics: the lower section of the ship is a large module, additionally smaller side modules can be fitted to that, as well as two small module slots on the top of the ship.[1]

Raging Queen type[]

See: Raging Queen type.

Spirit type[]

The USS Spirit

This type of starship, known by the vessel USS Spirit, was in service in the late-24th century or later, and made use of quantum slipstream drive propulsion technology, in addition warp engines. The class was relatively small, approximately four decks high, and featured a tapered streamline hull with small wings near the front of the vessel and tailfin at the rear. The ship's warp nacelles were suspended on pylons extending out and down from the top of the rear of the vessel. (ST calendar: Ships of the Line 2009)

The Spirit was introduced in the Ships of the Line calendar. The designer Mark Rademaker suggests it is a member of the Spirit-class. [2]Talk:USS Spirit (NX-79995)#Email from Mark Rademaker

Sun Tzu type[]

See: Sun Tzu type.

Valley Forge type[]

See: Valley Forge type.

By class likeness[]

Altair-type variant[]

Altair-type starship variant.

This class of starship sported the traditional layout of a saucer section, engineering hull and twin warp nacelles, but in a new design. It utilised a secondary hull very similar to the overall look of the experimental USS Altair of the 2370s, but with the addition of a large circular or elliptical primary hull. (ST reference: Ships of the Line)

Constitution/Miranda-class variant[]

Constitution/Miranda-class starship variant.

This unknown class of starship was in service during the late-23rd century. It appeared to have a Miranda-class primary hull with a pair of warp nacelles on a short pylons on either side, and a Constitution-class secondary hull suspended underneath with an oval navigational deflector.

One ship of this class participated in a battle alongside seven other Starfleet vessels, including the USS Enterprise-A, near a ringed planet. (Ships of the Line 2011)

Decatur-class variant[]

USS Golden Gate at Epsilon Theta.

This variant of the Decatur-class had a Miranda-class primary hull rather than a Constitution-class hull. Twin pulse-phaser cannons were mounted on the dorsal aft surface above the shuttlebays.

The USS Golden Gate was the subject of a painting as it orbited a moon. (Ships of the Line 2014, ST reference: Ships of the Line)

On the TrekBBS forum, the artist says this ship is of the Athabaska-class.

Intrepid/Constitution-class variant[]

This type of medium cruiser starship was in service to Starfleet during the late 24th century, and used many design elements from the Intrepid-class as well as of the Constitution-class.

Ships of this type were constructed from surplus equipment at the ASDB Integration Facility at McKinley Orbital Spacedock, Earth. Vessels of this modification saw action during the Dominion War in the mid-2370s decade, among them the USS Elkins. (DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, DS9 episode: "A Time to Stand")

By location[]

Depot Z15[]

A derelict ship stored at Depot Z15.

This class of starship, in service during the 2270s, appeared to have been decommissioned or was obsolete by the 2360s. An example, possibly the same one that visited an asteroid spacedock earlier in its service history, was stored at the Qualor II Surplus Depot Z15 in 2368. (ST reference: The Art of Star Trek; TNG episode: "Unification")

Earth Spacedock[]

A starship docked in Earth Spacedock.

In 2285, a ship of this class was docked within Earth Spacedock when the Enterprise returned from the Genesis Planet. (TOS movie: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

B-24-CLN, a proposed new Enterprise for the 2270s.

These two starships were designed by Ralph McQuarrie and Ken Adam as proposed new Enterprises for Star Trek: Phase II. Study models were constructed at the time, eventually making their debuts in Unification and The Search for Spock, respectively. (ST reference: The Art of Star Trek)



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