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The following is a list of unnamed Federation starships.

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Unnamed Constellation-class starshipEdit

An unnamed Constellation-class starship was departing Deep Space Station E-5 in mid-2372, as Ambassador Spock's transport ship docked at the station. (TOS - Spock: Reflections comic: "Issue 3")

Unnamed Decatur-class starshipEdit

Training vessel Decatur

Decatur-class training vessel.

An unnamed Decatur-class starship was assigned as a training vessel for Starfleet Academy cadets in the 2250s. Under the supervision of Proctor Silas, this vessel was the site of a simulated rescue of the USS Caspian, under the command of Cadet William Riker. Riker's crew included Cadets Lyrinda Halk, Dunbar, Leung, Epstein and Pierce. (TNG comic: "Thin Ice")

Although DC Comics was not affiliated with the publication of Ships of the Star Fleet or Starfleet Prototype, they did use elements of these fan fiction sources in some comics. The Decatur-class originated in these fan sources, before being featured by name in Who's Who in Star Trek and as the training vessel in this Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual. Artist Matt Haley depicted a bridge scene background to mimic the Constitution-class (Enterprise-class refit) bridge set of the Star Trek: The Original Series movies.

Unnamed Saladin-class destroyerEdit

Starbase 16

The unnamed Saladin-class destroyer approaches Starbase 16 (2273)

An unnamed Saladin-class destroyer was approaching Starbase 16 at the same time as the Constitution-class USS Enterprise departed in 2273. (TOS comic: "The Haunting of the Enterprise!")

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Border vesselEdit

This vessel was located along the Federation-Klingon Empire border and was disabled when the IKS Flyer's Pride found it. The crew took a Vulcan female captive and then raped and killed her. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

Captured cruiserEdit

See Talon.

Constitution/Miranda-class variantEdit

Unnamed Federation starship (2280s)

Constitution/Miranda-class variant.

A ship of this unknown class participated in a battle alongside seven other Starfleet vessels, including the USS Enterprise-A, near a ringed planet. (Ships of the Line 2011)

Scout vesselEdit

This small scout ship was the first Starfleet vessel to arrive at planet Jevalan in the Doltiri star system following the withdrawal of the Cardassian occupation forces. It didn't have the resources to provide much assistance to the injured Bajoran labor camp refugees and was relieved with the arrival of the USS Enterprise-D, the USS Farragut and the USS Centaur. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

Sol system courierEdit

This Starfleet courier was designed for use only in the Sol system and was used by Gariff Lucsly to reach the Eridian Vault in 2369. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Starbase 12 cruiserEdit

An unnamed cruiser was part of Starbase 12's complement of embarked craft, and was assigned as transport for Spock and Scotty to investigate the damaged primary hull of the USS Enterprise after an onboard explosion forced the crew to evacuate and leave the saucer behind. (TOS novel: Black Fire)

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