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The following is a list of unnamed Klingon starships.

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Unnamed B5-class destroyerEdit

In the mid-23rd century, a B5-class destroyer was involved in one of the Klingon Empire's Wars of Internal Dissension. Outgunned in a battle that pit them against a light attack cruiser, the B-5 took heavy damage, and lost most of its senior staff, including the captain and first officer. Junior officer Kaden vestai-Oparai took command, to realize that the vessel faced immediate destruction. Desperately running towards a nearby star, Kaden assumed the attack cruiser's gunner would be sighting his vessel. He launched an escape pod towards the star on the assumption that the gunner would momentarily shift his scan focus toward the pod. The gunner did, and as Kaden surmised, was momentarily blinded by the brightness of the star's surface. Dismissing the pod as a desperate and hopeless escape tactic by the crew, the gunner attempted to re-sight the B-5 as it swung away on an opposite course. What the gunner didn't realize was that the distraction had given the destroyer enough time to reach an escape velocity, and that the pod had been filled with antimatter containment bottles, creating a solar flare that engulfed the cruiser. Kaden survived, and his next command was a D7c-class battle cruiser, named Fire Blossom in honor of Kaden's glorious victory. (TOS - Worlds Apart novel: How Much for Just the Planet?)

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Delphic Expanse scoutEdit

During the 2130s an unnamed Klingon starship attempted to enter the Delphic Expanse. However, when the ship eventually emerged from the Expanse it was discovered that its crew were still alive, but had became anatomically inverted. Following this incident, the Klingon High Council forbade any Klingon vessels from entering the Expanse. (ENT novelization: The Expanse).

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