This is a list of unnamed Romulan and Reman starships of the Mogai-class, also known as Norexan-class.

Alternate timelinesEdit

Deviations warbirds

At Romulan-held Earth.

In a timeline where the Romulans conquered the Federation in the 2260s decade and enslaved Humanity, four Mogai-class warbirds hung in low orbit between Earth and its Romulan fleet station when William T. Riker and his crew discovered a Starfleet insignia in the desert sands at some point in the 2360s. (TNG comic: "Deviations")



Mogai/Norexan-class starships
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Valdore-subclass: Aethra • (Stormcrow)

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Galactic Commonwealth, Starfleet (mirror universe) (Excalibur)
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