This is a list of unnamed Federation starships of the Monarch-class.

Alternate timelinesEdit

Deviations Monarch

Held as trophy.

In a timeline where the Romulans conquered the Federation in the 2260s decade and enslaved Humanity, a Monarch-class freighter was held as a trophy aboard the Romulan fleet station when William T. Riker and his crew beamed up from Earth. (TNG comic: "Deviations")



Monarch-class freighter/class 3 tanker starships
Independently owned/operated AlbatrossMerchantmanSS Silver Isle
Federation, Merchant Marine SS AlgocapeSS Amy RileySS DaishowaSS Imperial AeadiaSS Imperial DartmouthSS Mangal DesaiSS ManitoulinSS MississagiSS Rochelle KayeSS Nordic BlossomSS OmisaijSS RelianceSS Silver IsleSS Soren ToubroSS Stella LykesSS Theodore TooSS Topa Topafictional vessel: SS Kobayashi Maru UFP seal Merchant Marine badge
Federation, Starfleet AlbatrossSS Stella Lykes UFP seal Starfleet Command logo
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