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Negh'Var-class vessel.

This is a list of unnamed Klingon Empire and Klingon-Cardassian Alliance Negh'Var-class starships.

Toral's cruiser[]

Toral's cruiser.

A Negh'Var-class Klingon battleship starship in Imperial service in the 24th century served as Toral's cruiser around the 2370s decade. (TNG video game: Armada)

Federation-Klingon War[]

During the Federation-Klingon War of 2405-2410, Negh'Var-class heavy cruisers of the Klingon Defense Force engaged Federation Starfleet. (ST video game: Star Trek Online, intro)

Alternate timelines[]

Janeway, 2404[]

In an alternate timeline where it took {{uSS|Voyager}] 23 years to return to Earth from the Delta Quadrant, the Klingon Korath sent two Negh'Var-class warships after Vice Admiral [[Kathryn Janeway ({{{2}}})|Kathryn Janeway]]'s shuttle SC-4. Their disruptors had a nadion signature. Janeway escaped with Korath's chrono deflector but was apprehended by the warships again. They were intercepted by the USS Rhode Island, and SC-4 escaped into the prime universe. (VOY episode & novelization: Endgame)

Kelvin timeline[]

In the Kelvin timeline, unnamed Negh'Var- and Vor'cha-class battlecruisers, one of each class, were in orbit of Romulus in 2258. (TOS - Vulcan's Vengeance comic: "Part 2")

In another permutation of the Kelvin timeline where the USS Enterprise went missing in 2261, Earth was home to the Klingon Empire's Tera' Colony. In the 2370s decade, ships of this class patrolled the sky above San Francisco. (TOS - The Q Gambit comics: "Part 3", "Part 5")

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