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Emblem of the Orion Colonies

The following is a list of unnamed Orion starships.

By location

Orion ship (Sanctuary)

This Orion cruiser waited in orbit around the planet Sanctuary in 2269, attempting to capture incoming starships and collect any bounties on their crew. The ship also engaged in slavery. Its male captain was willing to trade Orion slave girls for valuable captives, and made this offer to every ship that arrived in orbit around Sanctuary, including the Starfleet vessels USS Enterprise and USS Neptune.

When James Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy escaped Sanctuary in a balloon, the Orion cruiser worked with the Gezary, captained by Pilenna, in attacking and attempting to capture them, hoping the unidentified passengers were a valuable bounty. This was despite Pilenna's earlier vehement protestations that she wasn't affiliated with them. The Enterprise fought and disabled both ships. The Orion cruiser broke off hostilities, claiming a misunderstanding.

The ship was greenish-brown, bulky and marked with unusual shapes, somewhat resembling a World War II–era grenade. It was armed with disruptors. (TOS novel: Sanctuary)

By commander

Makon's ship

Makon's ship.

Makon's Orion pirate ship. (TOS comic: "What Goes Around...")

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