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The following is a list of unnamed Romulan starships.

By class[edit | edit source]

Border patrol ship[edit | edit source]

Patrol ship

In 2267, an unrecognized starship was discovered abandoned in the Perithees system by the USS Enterprise, but it was a lure to kidnap the landing party. This vessel was piloted by remote control, and brought its prisoners to the Tekton outpost on Romulan-controlled Tekton. (TOS comic: "The Perithees Alliance")

The same class of starship, an unnamed patrol ship defending Romulan territory, detected a high-warp approach by the Enterprise in 2267. The patrol ship was armed with photon torpedoes and prepared to fire the instant the Federation starship crossed into the edge of their sector. At the last minute, the starship reversed course and avoided destruction. (TOS comic: "The Mummies of Heitius VII")

Bird-of-prey[edit | edit source]

Sabotaged bird-of-prey. (TOS novel: The Pandora Principle)

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