List of unnamed Starfleet personnel.

Unnamed personnel by realityEdit

Unnamed personnel by starship assignmentEdit

USS BrazzavilleEdit

Brazzaville officer

Distress call image.

A command division officer in the crew of the USS Brazzaville. This officer took responsibility for the bridge of the ship after the death of the rest of the senior staff during a battle with the Chakuun at Theta Kalyb in 2255.

His last actions were to transmit a frantic distress call, detailing the death of the captain of the ship and the loss of deflector shields. The call was received by the other Starfleet vessels in the Federation fleet that had joined the battle. Unfortunately, Brazzaville was destroyed before any such rescue attempt could be enacted. (EV comic: "The Fallen")

USS CapitolineEdit

Deltan medical officer

Meyo Ranjea told Teresa Garcia he was likely to engage in sexual activity with this male Deltan medical officer. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

USS Constitution (NCC-1700)Edit

Relief navigator (2257)

This relief navigator relieved Lieutenant junior grade Gary Mitchell on the USS Constitution's bridge when his duty shift came to an end. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

USS Farragut (NCC-1647)Edit

Slain crewmen (2257)

Following an attack on the USS Farragut by a dikironium cloud creature in 2257, Lieutenant James T. Kirk discovered seven or eight dead crewmen from various divisions lying on the same deck as his friend, security officer Piniella. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Operations division crewmen (2257)

These two operations division crewmen (one male, one female) survived the dikironium cloud creatures attack on the Farragut in 2257. During the attack, the male crewmen was working in the forward phaser station. They came across Lieutenant Kirk attempting to gain access to a turbolift and assisted him in removing the bodies of Hasegawa and Ojibwe before traveling with him to the bridge. Upon reaching the bridge, the female crewman assumed the communications station whilst the male crewman took over the engineering station. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

USS Potemkin (NCC-1657)Edit

Potemkin commanding officer

This officer served as commanding officer aboard the USS Potemkin in the early 2260s at the same time that Lieutenant Lee Kelso was posted aboard.

In 2263, whilst reviewing potential candidates for postings aboard the USS Enterprise prior to him assuming command, Captain James T. Kirk read Kelso's file and noticed that this officer had noted that Kelso didn't have a future as an officer in Starfleet. As Kirk had met the officer some years earlier at cocktail party, Kirk contacted him and asked why he had made the notation. The officer replied that it was because Kelso had cared too much, and his desire to check every last detail would get him killed one day. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

USS Sovereign (NCC-73811)Edit

Sovereign commanding officer

The former first officer and later commanding officer of the USS Dauntless, this officer served as commanding officer aboard the USS Sovereign following the reassignment of Captain Robert Soto in 2378. This officer would serve with distinction aboard the Sovereign, leading the vessel during the Kessok incident of 2378 and the attempted coup d'état of the Cardassian Union led by Legate Matan in the same year. (ST video game: Bridge Commander)

USS Stargazer (NCC-2893)Edit

Stargazer transporter chief

This transporter chief beamed Captain Jean-Luc Picard over from the USS Stargazer to meet with the Gorn in 2345. (TNG novel: Requiem)

USS Yorktown (NCC-2033)Edit

Yorktown second officer

The second officer of the USS Yorktown. Yorktown had to divert away from its course just ten hours away from Starbase 18, to meet a destroyer (unnamed Federation starships) that had just left that same starbase. The diversion was necessary because the Yorktown had accidentally picked up the destroyer's second officer, Lieutenant Commander William T. Riker. When the destroyer's Second Officer Riker realized that he was aboard the wrong vessel, he had to report to his counterpart aboard the Yorktown. A few years later, Riker would succeed this officer as the new Yorktown second officer. (TNG novel: Ghost Ship)

Unnamed personnel by starbase assignmentEdit

Starbase 1Edit

Second officer

Starbase 1's second officer was present aboard the starbase when it was attacked by the Breen and ordered the emergency lighting on after main power was knocked out. (TNG short story: "Eleven Hours Out")

Communications officer

Starbase 1's communications officer tried to raise Starfleet Command after the Breen attack, but was unable to due to jamming. (TNG short story: "Eleven Hours Out")

Starbase 13Edit

Starbase 13 personnel

Starbase 13 personnel busy with repairs

Starbase 13 repair man

A member of starbase 13's crew in a tattered uniform

In 2254 Commodore Hal Wyeth was so engrossed in commanding his personnel in repairs following a recent attack by the Marrat brigand that he didn't notice when a landing party from the USS Enterprise materialized nearby; a female member of his crew pointed it out to him.

A short time later members of the Enterprise landing party passed a man in tattered uniform who was conducting repairs with a device that emitted a red beam, as they made their way to set up a triage center. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

The repair personnel wore standard pale-colored operations division jumpsuits as might be expected, but with assignment patch insignia that were usually omitted from Starfleet jumpsuits in lieu of embroidery. The jumpsuits also unusually had blue undershirts, as opposed to matching undershirts that would be common in the EV era or black undershirts that would become common in the TOS era.
Pharos engineers
Pharos engineers

Two of the Pharos engineers

In 2254 a team of at least four engineers from Starbase 13 working at Project Pharos were held prisoner by Klingons from the IKS Varchas when they boarded Pharos. The lack of communication from the engineering teams alerted Starbase 13, which dispatched the USS Enterprise to investigate. A landing party from the Enterprise was sent to Pharos and, after discovering the Klingon presence, eliminated them and freed the engineers. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

Starbase 33Edit

Transporter operator

This transporter operator was on duty in the transporter room of Starbase 33 in late 2265, and transported Captain James T. Kirk to the station from the USS Enterprise for a debriefing with Admiral Saylor. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Starbase 104Edit

Security team 
A team of security personnel on Starbase 104 took Captain Jean-Luc Picard into custody in 2366 after he was accused of leading the Enterprise to attack and destroy other Federation vessels. These three guards held large phasers at the ready, since Picard was considered to be quite dangerous by the number of dead. One of the guards who stood watch at Picard's cell admitted that the precautions were because he had family on the USS Nairobi, one of the victim vessels. (TNG comic: "The Noise of Justice")

Other 23rd century personnelEdit

2251 spacedock personnelEdit

Spacedock personnel (2251)

Starfleet personnel in spacedock in 2251

In 2251 a male and female in Starfleet jumpsuits were in a spacedock facility, standing near an Andorian when Captains Robert April and Christopher Pike walked by on the way to the USS Enterprise, where Pike was to board as April's replacement as captain. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

2250s Academy instructorEdit

Ops captain

Operations captain showing a laser pistol.

When James T. Kirk attended Starfleet Academy in the 2250s, an operations division captain served as an instructor, showing students the structure of a laser pistol. (TOS comic: "Starfleet Academy!")

Red Capt 2266

Red captain uniform sleeve.

The uniform and rank of this officer was unusual in a couple of ways. Operations division officers in the 2240s and 2250s generally wore beige uniforms rather than the red uniforms of later uniform styles. This officer however wore a red shirt. The sleeve insignia of two solid and one broken stripe was adopted as a captain insignia in the 2260s, but was not the norm in the 2250s. In addition, operations division officers were rarely shown with ranks higher than commander. In fact, the only other operations division captain shown in canon Star Trek was Scotty.

2268 board of inquiryEdit

In 2268 a Starfleet board of inquiry was held to investigate Captain James T. Kirk's actions on Angrena and determine if his release of Commander Kring and his crew was a violation of Starfleet Directive 072. The board consisted of four officers, led by a balding male commodore, along with other senior officers, one of which was male, and another female. (TOS - Uchu comic: "Art of War")

2280s command divisionEdit

The Outcasts character

Command crewmember.

According to some accounts, a command division member of Starfleet spent shore leave on Levitt's World at some point in the 2280s. This officer wore the command divisional stripe on his uniform with a specialty stripe indicating a role in sciences or operations. During the leave, a Vulcan confidante requests help from friends on Levitt, asking them to travel to Bonus Run to assist a fellow Vulcan who turns out to be a Romulan in disguise. (FASA RPG module: The Outcasts)

The RPG allowed many types of player characters to be used for this adventure, meaning that some players' use of the story's main character would not be a member of Starfleet. However, the book's cover featured this unspecified character as the protagonist.

Other 24th century personnelEdit

Female vice admiralEdit

Female vice admiral

A vice admiral.

In 2369, a female vice admiral relayed orders from an Efrosian official working for the Federation President. The vice admiral, who had concerns about the orders herself, did not invite further discussion from Commander Benjamin Sisko when she instructed him to receive Gul Trelar as a guest aboard Deep Space 9. (DS9 comic: "Old Wounds")

Vce Adm 2364

VADM insignia.

Bolian rear admiralEdit

Bolian commandant

A Bolian rear admiral.

In 2372, a bolian rear admiral served as Commandant of Starfleet Academy. That year, he joined Vice Admiral James Leyton's attempted Coup d'état. He authorized the use of Red Squad to disable Earth's power distribution center in Lisbon. He thought at first that using them was inadvisable, but later concluded that they performed their mission admirably.

When Captain Benjamin Sisko informed him that a transporter record existed that recorded Red Squad being returned to Starfleet Academy after the power outage, he ordered Sisko to erase it. His response provided one of the first clues to Leyton's conspiracy. (DS9 episode: "Paradise Lost")

RAdmUp 2364

RADM insignia.

Courier lieutenantEdit

This lieutenant commanded a courier that delivered Gariff Lucsly to the Eridian Vault in 2369. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Rellon Station ensignEdit

This Tandaran ensign served at Rellon Station on Pyrellia when special agent Shelan arrived at the station to meet a temporally displaced Dina Elfiki, (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Catullan crewmanEdit

This Catullan security crewman assisted DTI agents Meyo Ranjea and Teresa Garcia as they pursued Lirahn and was injured in the chase. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Team leaderEdit

This lieutenant led the team that helped Meyo Ranjea and Teresa Garcia pursue Lirahn in the Axis of Time. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Other 29th century personnelEdit

Shock troopsEdit

These were soldiers deployed by the Temporal Integrity Commission to ensure the battle at the third moon of Rakon IV went the TIC's way. These troops shot on sight without asking questions. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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