This is a list of unnamed Romulan and Reman starships of the T'varo-class.

Republican-Tal Shiar conflictEdit

T'varo at Delta Corvi

At Delta Corvi

In the year 2409, the IRW Eisn was accompanied by two unnamed T'varo-class warbirds to the Delta Corvi star system. They were part of a combined Tal Shiar-Elachi invasion force attempting to conquer the independent Romulan colony Delta Corvi. The colonists were defended by two squadrons consisting of a Dhael-class warbird and four T'varo-class birds-of-prey. The defenders were disabled but spared from destruction by a Republican vessel infiltrating the Tal Shiar. (STO - "In Shadows" mission: "Cloak and Dagger")

A squadron of T'varo-class starships attempted to prevent a Republican starship from finding a secret Iconian gateway in the Hobus system but were destroyed. (STO - "In Shadows" mission: "Revelation")

One week later, Tal Shiar birds-of-prey defended the IRW Khnial from a Republican attack in deep space in the Iota Pavonis sector block. The Republic defeated the Tal Shiar and destroyed their vessels. (STO - "In Shadows" mission: "Mind Game")

Mirror universeEdit

T'varo Mirror

Allied Romulan Warbird.

In the mirror universe, T'varo-class starships were employed by the Romulan state. Their registry prefix was ARW (Allied Romulan Warbird). When the Tholian Assembly breached the dimensional divide between the primary and mirror universes, some of these vessels were recovered by the Lobi Crystal Consortium. The Consortium packed these in lock boxes and offered them to officers of the Romulan Republic. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)



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