This page lists and describes the unnamed USS Enterprise-E shuttlecraft.

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Argo-type shuttle, Enterprise-E

Unnamed argo-type shuttle.


This Argo-type shuttlecraft accompanied the Argo on a mission in a star system with numerous planets in the late-24th century. The leading edge of the cockpit-section was a distinctive red color. It followed the Argo back to the Enterprise's aft shuttle bay. (Ships of the Line 2014)


In 2375, this Type-11 shuttlecraft was used by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Worf to apprehend Data at the Ba'ku planet. (TNG movie & novelization: Star Trek: Insurrection)

Some time in or after 2379, three more unnamed Type-11s were lined up behind the Galileo in the main shuttlebay when the Argo returned to the Enterprise. (Ships of the Line 2011)

Unnamed Enterprise-E shuttles

Unknown typeEdit

Three shuttles of an unknown type were parked in the Enterprise's aft shuttlebay when the Argo was on approach. (Ships of the Line 2014)



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