Venture personnel on leave.

This page lists unnamed personnel from the Constitution-class USS Venture who were on Hus-24 in February 2274. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")

Mohawk musicianEdit

While on shore leave, Nyota Uhura of the USS Enterprise sang with members of an impromptu band while several others watched. The guitarist was from Venture and sported a mohawk and mustache. He played an unusual instrument like a mandolin or a bouzouki (comic strip published Oct. 5, 1980). He was later seen holding a captured phaser rifle. (Jan. 11, 1981)

Softball playersEdit

  • A reptilian lieutenant invited Hikaru Sulu to a game of softball, Venture vs. Enterprise. (Sept. 27, 1980)
  • Sulu accepted, but still had repairs to complete. A Human man with thick, dark hair and a long-sleeve shirt said that his crew had worked faster and were finished. (Sept. 27)
  • A Human man with dark hair and a short-sleeve shirt scored a run for Venture. (Oct. 5)

Shipboard personnelEdit

When Ben tripped over a Husian carrying a tray of Widgin pins, a fellow male officer with blond hair calmed him down, reassuring Ben that it was an accident. (Oct. 8)

Personnel on Hus-24Edit

  • A Human man with short blond hair sat at beam-down point 7. When Pavel Chekov remarked on how little there was to see on Hus-24, the crewman said there was "no music, no honky-tonks, no blue sky." (Sept. 27)
  • A dark-haired Human man stood watching while the band played. (Oct. 5)
  • After being put to slave labor in the fields, a dark-haired Human woman with the rank of ensign asked Morgan Avery if they would ever escape. Avery reassured the ensign that they would not be there long. (Oct. 26)
  • Shielded by a grain fire, a blonde woman ran directly behind Uhura and Avery as the women of Venture and Enterprise escaped from the fields. (Dec. 11)
  • As both crews surrounded the defeated Edrem, a male humanoid with a striking appearance stood next to James T. Kirk. He was bald with pointed ears and a snout. (Jan. 11)
  • Also surrounding Edrem was a man with dark hair, who stood next to Tulb. (Jan. 11)



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