Unnamed galaxies in the universe.

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Aragos retreat galaxy[edit | edit source]

An unknown galaxy was the location of the Aragos civilization's retreat from the Milky Way Galaxy. This galaxy's location in relation to the Milky Way was not clear. Stars and systems in this galaxy are very close together in the area where the Aragos stargate allowed passage. In 2270, the USS Enterprise visited the Aragos retreat galaxy. (TOS novel: Chain of Attack)

Native species[edit | edit source]

Caeliar galaxies[edit | edit source]

Chronologically, the Caeliar and their descendants from the cities of Axion and Kintana, studied various galaxies from the early days of the universe all the way into 2381, as part of their Great Work. The Caeliar were looking for a civilization more advanced than their own. When disturbed by less advanced species, the Caeliar gestalt on Erigol transplanted these individuals or their entire nations to other galaxies. Not all explored galaxies were the same - some showed predominant features, like characteristics that made them unsuitable for life at in general, and advanced civilizations in particular. Humans gradually learned about the Caeliar's efforts from the time the crew of Columbia NX-02 was taken prisoner in 2168. (ST - Destiny novels: Gods of Night, Mere Mortals, Lost Souls)

Dyson galaxy[edit | edit source]

On 10 February 2381, the USS Enterprise-E traveled through a Caeliar subspace tunnel from the Azure Nebula to a seemingly lifeless galaxy that was devoid of light because every single star was enclosed in a Dyson sphere. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

Gorn Armada galaxy[edit | edit source]

Gorn galaxy.

In the Kelvin timeline, the Gorn Armada had brutally conquered an entire galaxy before an expeditionary force invaded New Vulcan in the Milky Way Galaxy in the year 2259. One of the conquered species of this galaxy were the Lymax. Starfleet briefly visited one of the worlds in this galaxy through the Rip on stardate 2259.33, and simply named it Gorn Planet. (TOS video game: Star Trek)

Kintana galaxy[edit | edit source]

The Caeliar city-ship Kintana traveled through time from December 23, 2168 to the early days of the universe and built an advanced civilization in their new home galaxy. They later destroyed planet Erigol on December 23, 2168, to ensure their time travel incident and subsequent history would come to pass. (ST - Destiny novels: Gods of Night, Mere Mortals)

The Machine's victims[edit | edit source]

To create artwork that will last for eons, The Machine hurled numerous galaxies into their central supermassive black holes. In July 2384, the Traveler Wesley Crusher stopped The Machine from destroying the Milky Way with the help of the Enterprise-E and the Fellowship of Artificial Intelligences. The Machine repurposed its existence towards bringing light to the universe rather than extinguishing it. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: The Body Electric)

Visible galaxies[edit | edit source]

In 2376, unnamed galaxies were visible in deep space from the Alpha Quadrant. (ST video game: Armada)

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