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Workbee predecessor (2251)Edit

Workbee's predecessor

Workbee's predecessor.

This small, angular, predecessor of the workbee was operating within the drydock in which the USS Enterprise awaited inspection by Captain Christopher Pike. This particular example was equipped with a pair of manipulating arms similar to its successor's. (Ships of the Line 2005; ST reference: Ships of the Line)

Spacedock small craft (2251)Edit

2251 spacedock small craft

Spacedock craft.

In 2251 two types of small craft could be seen operating in the spacedock facility where the USS Enterprise was docked.

Type 1Edit

The first type was a circular design, featuring a striped black and yellow section and two pods on arms which protruded from the vehicle.

Type 2Edit

The second type was a boxier design with a roughly hexagonal cross-section. Both types of small craft were orange coloured. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

Starbase support craft (2260s)Edit

Support craft

Starbase support craft.

Three of these small, yellow, wedge-shaped support craft guided the USS Enterprise in to a busy K-class starbase in the 2260s. Each craft had at least two powerful, directional spotlights mounted on their prows that they used to inspect the approaching starship. (Ships of the Line 2006)

PT-009 type (2370s)Edit

See: pT-009

Construction/repair craft (2379)Edit

Support craft (2379)

Construction/repair craft.

Several of these support craft were part of the reconstruction and repair efforts to the USS Enterprise-E following the Battle of Bassen Rift in 2379. (TNG movie: Star Trek Nemesis)

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