List of unnamed type-7 shuttlecraft.

The Annie's shuttleEdit

Annie's type-7 shuttle

Annie's shuttle

Eight days after Starfleet's massacre by a single Borg cube at the Battle of Wolf 359 in early-2367, the recovery vessel Annie and her Sphinx workpods sets to retrieving escape pods. A type-7 shuttle is launched from the shuttlebay to assist with the endeavour. (Ships of the Line 2015)

It is unclear if this shuttle is one of Annie's embarked craft, or comes from a different ship.

Courier to VulcanEdit

Vulcan courier

The courier shuttle.

In 2367, Doctor Selar was presumed dead and a type-7 shuttlecraft was dispatched to contact her family on the planet Vulcan. The shuttle landed and a Vulcan sciences division lieutenant (Unnamed Starfleet personnel) informed Selar's kin that the search for the shuttlecraft Albert Einstein had been suspended and that Selar was presumed dead. (TNG - The Star Lost comic: "Mourning Star")

Daystrom One shuttleEdit

Daystrom One

Shuttle at Daystrom One.

In 2368, a type-7 shuttle was assigned to Daystrom One, one of the Federation's information archives. (TNG - Intelligence Gathering comic: "Valued Intelligence")

San Francisco Bay shuttleEdit

Mit- Type 7 shuttle

Type-7 at San Francisco Bay

Along with SF026, this shuttle was on a landing pad overlooking San Francisco Bay when the new attack fighter, PT-009, arrived. (Ships of the Line 2009)

This shuttle's name began "Mit-" and could have been named "Mitrios" like two Enterprise shuttles previously: the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)'s Mitrios and the USS Enterprise-B's Mitrios (NCC-1701-B/5).

Starfleet Medical shuttleEdit

Starfleet Medical type-7 shuttle

A Starfleet Medical shuttle

Just after the devasting attack on San Francisco by the Dominion-allied Breen Confederacy in 2375, this Starfleet Medical shuttle flew over the Golden Gate Bridge and Starfleet Headquarters. (ST - New Worlds, New Civilizations short story: "At Times of Peril")


Type-7 shuttlecraft
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