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This page lists and describes unpublished comics, unpublished works in the comic book format, which, while known to have been in development, have failed to reach our shelves.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Doctor Who - Domination[]

Trial By Fire![]

Number 62 of Gold Key Comics' Star Trek series, "Trial by Fire!" was to be written by John Warner but the series was cancelled before the comic's completion. The story was to a feature the Enterprise rushing to save a planet from a huge fireball. The script was eventually printed in Graphic Novel Collection, Volume 124.

A script and more information can be found at the bottom of this page at the Star Trek Comics Checklist.

Star Trek: Realities[]

Realities was a "what-if?" comic series planned by Marvel Comics. At least two stories were planned before it was cancelled:

Star Trek: Special[]

Wildstorm Comics produced a one-shot short anthology entitled Star Trek Special, containing comic stories from the first four Star Trek television series. Star Trek Communicator writer Rich Handley was slated to write a story for that edition and submitted two entries ("The Needs of the Few," about Spock on Romulus, and "The Barber of Seville," about Mot the Barber). However, his story was cut due to space constraints.

TNG manga[]

Klingon concept art by Shin-Ichi Hiromoto from TNG manga "Skin Deep"

Romulan concept art by Shin-Ichi Hiromoto from TNG manga "Skin Deep"

When Tokyopop first acquired their license to produce Star Trek manga comics in 2004 they planned to publish a TNG. They later opted to start with TOS instead, as that series' 40th Anniversary was approaching. Prior to that change of plans they announced what they had planned for TNG[2]:

  • A "creepy space spider story" by Mike Barr
  • A "holodeck story with Worf in Feudal Japan" by Jake Forbes
  • A "Q story where he’s split into three personalities" by Chris Dows
  • Skin Deep - a "Klingon battle story" by Jim Alexander
  • A Mirror Universe tale by Mark Paniccia

Tokyopop did eventually publish a TNG book in 2009, but none of these stories were included in it.

The Key Collection, Volumes 6 & 7[]

The Key Collection was a series of omnibuses reprinting issues of Gold Key Comics' Star Trek comics series from the 1960s and 1970s. Volumes six and seven would have seen the entire Gold Key series reprinted. Volume six was originally schemed for release in March 2007, but was continually delayed and rescheduled; with neither books have yet to see publication.

The Key Collection, Volume 6 The Key Collection, Volume 7
#44 Prince Traitor
#46 Mr. Oracle
#47 This Tree Bears Bitter Fruit
#48 Sweet Smell of Evil
#49 A Warp in Space
#50 The Planet of No Life
#51 Destination Annihilation
#52 And a Child Shall Lead Them
KeyCollection6.jpg #53 What Fools These Mortals Be
#54 Sport of Knaves
#55 A World Against Itself
#56 No Time Like the Past
#57 Spore of the Devil
#58 Brain-Damaged Planet
#59 To Err Is Vulcan
#61 Operation Con Game
Key Collection Volume7.jpg
#45 was originally a reprint of #7, so had already been reprinted in The Key Collection, Volume 1 The cover listing omits Issue 60: "The Empire Man"

Probability Factor[]

Probability Factor was to have been a TOS and TNG comic miniseries published by IDW Publishing in 2008. The series would have consisted of "What if?" stories based on episodes of the two TV series looking at what might have been if a detail had been changed, "What if Tasha Yar had lived" for example. The featured episodes would have been nominated and voted for by the fans.

The series was announced in the form of a would be fax from David Tischman to IDW's editors Chris Ryall and Dan Taylor, printed in the behind-the-scenes book Focus on... Star Trek. However nothing more was ever announced about the series after that initial tease.

IDW omnibuses[]

IDW announced two omnibus books in their Star Trek Archives, which have been cancelled. The Best of Klingons was solicited for release in November 2009 failed to appear, later being confirmed as cancelled by IDW's editor, Chris Ryall[3]. A further book in the Archives series, Best of Spock was never officially solicitated, but had appeared for pre-order with online retailers and had had new original art produced for its cover.

Title Cover
Solicitation blurb Planned contents
Best of Klingons Best of Klingons.jpg
In stories like "The Wormhole Connection," "The Only Good Klingon...," "Errand of War," "Deadly Allies," "Maggie's World," and "Judgment Day," get a close look at the relationship between the Federation and Klingon Empire. These fierce, warring people present unique challenges to the Federation, and in these classic stories give a glimpse of what the future holds for Federation-Klingon relations. -"The Wormhole Connection"
-"... The Only Good Klingon..."
-"Errand of War"
-"Deadly Allies"
-"Maggie's World"
-"Judgment Day!"
Best of Spock Best of Spock art.jpg Best of Spock cover.jpg
- -

Acceptable Losses[]

Title logotype.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens: Acceptable Losses is a cancelled comic book miniseries, a crossover between Star Trek: The Next Generation and the science fiction franchise Aliens.