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This page lists and describes unpublished games, unpublished works in the video game format, which, while known to have been in development, have failed to reach our shelves.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (NES)

The Final Frontier was to have been released as a cartridge for the NES, as developed by Bandai and licensed by Nintendo. The game was cancelled despite having been completed.

Borg Assimilator

Borg Assimilator was game by Activision in which the player attempted to assimilate ever more resistant worlds in the hopes of acquiring the right technologies to create a stable omega molecule.

The game would have featured the player fighting through 12 campaign levels while converting living lush worlds into Borg Nanogrids and facing increased resistance from the local races. Players would have started off with existing colony structures that consisted of a nanogrid generator, an ore refinery and several drones which, over the course of the game, would expand to include regeneration alcoves, research centers and even a Borg Queen Hive.

For more information see the Borg Assimilator page at

Secret of Vulcan Fury

Secret of Vulcan Fury was an Original Series game to be released in 1999. The story centered around Vulcan. It was written by D.C. Fontana, and featured voice acting by the entire original cast. The website for the game described the story as follows:

It is the 23rd Century...
An olive branch has been offered to the Federation world of Vulcan from their most infamous adversary, The Romulan Empire. In an unprecedented move, a meeting on Vulcan is agreed upon with the Romulan Ambassador Turian and the Vulcan High Council, with the hopes of reunifying the two races once again. To insure the security and safety of the mission, the Romulan delegates are carried through federation space to Vulcan by none other than the USS Enterprise under the command of the legendary Captain James T. Kirk.
Both Captain Kirk and his Vulcan First Officer Mr. Spock know and appreciate the tension surrounding the peace talks. Not only are there those in the Romulan empire who express distrust of the Vulcan people, but some Federation citizens are suspicious of the intentions of the Romulan Ambassador.
Even as they beam down to Vulcan, a voice of dissent is heard condemning the presence of Romulans in Federation space. The ranting of a member of the Tellarite race is heard, only to be dismissed as another emotional response to what is not yet fully understood. Indeed, both Vulcan's highest ranking politician and Ambassador Turian see and desire the benefits to a reunification.
However, Ambassador Turian will never see the fruit of his labor. He has been brutally murdered. The young Tellarite, Turian's most outspoken critic, is held accountable. But all is not what it seems on Vulcan. Although the number one suspect to the murder has confessed to the crime, too many things are amiss. In addition to the homicide, the leader of the Vulcan High Council has disappeared. Also missing is Turian's Chief of Security, Ulius.
With the diplomatic talks in a state of confusion, Captain Kirk must put together the pieces of a baffling puzzle, at the center of which lies a shocking and ancient enigma. Spock remains with the delegates to maintain order, while Kirk and McCoy comb the streets of Vulcan's capitol city of Shi'Kahr and the expanse of its brutal desert to find why Turian was assassinated, and what secret is being hidden from the Federation.
Prepare to join Starfleet's finest crew aboard the greatest starship in science fiction history and explore, for the first time, the enigmatic world of Vulcan. For this all-new adventure, all your favorites from Gene Roddenberry's classic television show (as well as a few guests stars) return to unravel a mystery that could shatter the Federation. All of the original series actors, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, George Takei, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig will provide their voices for this spectacular new voyage. The atmosphere and charm of the TV series will return with a spellbinding story of murder, sabotage, and political intrigue from original series writer and story editor D.C. Fontana, original series director John Meredyth Lucas, and the company that brought you Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Star Trek: Judgment Rites, Starfleet Academy, and Of Light and Darkness.
Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury will a answer a question long posed by fans of the 30-year-old phenomenon: What divided the Romulans and Vulcans? The answer will be...fascinating.

Speaking about the game in 2009, D.C. Fontana described it as follows: "It was big. There was mystery. There was a chase. There was threat and danger. It was five parts that were really very full and complicated. The ‘Vulcan Fury’ was actually one of the moons of Vulcan that was actually a weapons platform that had long bead dead and some happens to re-activate it. Which would then threaten the Enterprise which was in orbit and other Federation ships. The problem was that it became very expensive and the head of [game publisher] Interplay pulled it because it was too expensive and he didn’t see getting his money back on it."

Fontana also described how she has proposed to adapt the story into a novel, but at the time of the interview had not had heard back.[1] As of 2021, there has yet to be any more news regarding this project.

For more information see the Secret of Vulcan Fury page at

Star Trek Online

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Trek Online has now been released by Cryptic Studios. However, prior to Cryptic developing the game a company called Perpetual Entertainment had been working on it. In this version a player would have to work their way up the ranks in Starfleet, rather than starting the game already in command of a ship. The setting of this version of the game was described as follows[2]:

Stardate 77021.1: In the twenty years since the infamous Shinzon Affair, the United Federation of Planets' vision of intergalactic harmony has edged tantalizingly close to becoming a reality.
Negotiations with the Romulan Star Empire, at an impasse for more than a generation, have recently accelerated due to a series of unexpected concessions on the part of the Romulans. Though many within the Federation suspect their old foes are up to something, most see the breakthrough as the result of the galaxy-renowned diplomatic skills of a certain 94-year-old Terran Ambassador.
The Klingon Empire, once the Federation's greatest foe, is now one of their staunchest allies. Though some (notably the recently-restored House of Duras) rail against the reduced role of the Empire in the affairs of the galaxy, most Klingons believe the Federation to be an honorable (if somewhat thin-blooded) partner. Nowhere is this attitude more prevalent than in the acolytes of Miral Paris, the alleged Klingon kuvah'magh, who have chosen to join Starfleet in the young prophet's footsteps.
The Borg, who once spread across the galaxy like an unstoppable disease, have scarcely been seen since the destruction of their massive transwarp hub two decades ago. While some fear that they are marshaling their resources for a fresh invasion of the Alpha Quadrant, most believe that the Borg have collectively decided that assimilation of the Federation simply isn't worth the effort. In any event, defenses introduced into Starfleet vessels by Admiral Janeway and Seven of Nine have made the Borg a much more manageable threat.
And so it goes throughout the quadrant, as old enemies are transformed into new friends, old fears become less scary, and old conflicts seemingly fade away.
Now, at the cusp of the 25th century, the United Federation of Planets finds itself in much the same position as its human founders some 300 years ago. The great wars appear to be over, the great threats have been tamed, and a universe of possibilities awaits.
Appearing at this historically critical juncture in the UFP's history is a charismatic president with a bold vision for the future. Urging citizens and scientists alike to look towards "the next frontier," the president has ordered a dramatic drawdown of Starfleet, transferring resources from the machines of war to the technologies that will fuel the exploration efforts of the future. Foremost amongst these peacetime initiatives is the construction of a network of enormous transwarp conduits, capable of flinging ships from one end of the quadrant to the other in mere instants. Reverse engineered from captured Borg technology, these portals hold the promise of finally making good on the seemingly limitless potential of transwarp technology.
At least, they would if they weren't so expensive...and didn't break down so often. But the president claims he has a plan to fix that, too.
Although most are happy to have lived long enough to see Starfleet's swords beaten into plowshares, others have their doubts. Some elements of Starfleet, used to seeing enemies everywhere, are convinced that the Federation is being lulled into a trap, and are secretly preparing for the inevitable wars that will follow once the trap is sprung. Others, echoing a complaint often voiced three hundred years ago, worry that humanity may not be ready to master the advanced and largely untested technologies at the heart of the Federation's new initiatives. And still others, like a certain 94-year-old Terran Ambassador, have never forgotten that the universe is more surprising and more dangerous than anyone can imagine...

From pre-production material and previews, some of the races and cultures likely to have been featured included Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites and Klingons in Starfleet. Non-Federation aliens such as the Gorn, Mugato and Devidians were also seen in concept art. [3]

Pre-production material and previews, also revealed some starships which may have appeared in the game. Including:

Infinite Space

The galaxy is at war. Friends become foes. Enemies become allies. Which side will you choose? Which battle will you fight? Which adventure will you live?