Uramtali was the leader of the dithparu, a group of non-corporeal beings exiled to and imprisoned on an unnamed planet in the Alpha Quadrant. This planet was also inhabited by a pre-Hebitian society, who came to recognize Uramtali as a goddess. While Uramtali the dithparu were confined in an energy field (known to the pre-Hebitians as the Well of Souls), they were able to interact telepathically with these people. In time able to use their influence to selectively breed the humanoids, and create a bloodline that was genetically able to serve as the physical host for a single dithparu. For generations, these "Night Kings" ruled, with Uramtali transferring from the father to the son upon the king's death.

Approximately 6000 years prior to the 24th century, Uramtali and the dithparu became trapped after Prince Nartal, the heir to the Night King, abandoned the death ritual before Uramtali could possess his body, and when an attempt to possess the king's illegitimate son, Ishep, failed.

In 2336, Uramtali and the dithparu were rediscovered by Jason Garrett and Pahl, and attempted to possess them. They were prevented from escaping by Jason's father, Ven Kaldarren. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

Though not specifically stated, it is suggested that Uramtali, or the dithparu generally, may have been the basis for Oralius, the god of the Oralian Way.
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