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Ursus was a Gorilla, a male General on the Earth of a parallel universe during that planet’s year 3978.

History[edit | edit source]

General Ursus pressed Dr. Zaius to invade the Forbidden Zone in response to strange sightings there, and to help ape society expand to new areas where they could cultivate crops. (TOS - The Primate Directive comic: "Issue 3")

Ursus believed in the rule of the sacred scrolls, that ape shall not kill ape. When Klingon Commander Kor armed General Marius' troops, Ursus asked Zaius for permission to defend Ape City against an insurrection. Ursus led a group of loyal troops to block Marius’ advancing forces. Ursus confronted Marius personally. Kor targeted Ursus with a disruptor from long range, but George Taylor shot the weapon out of Kor’s hands, saving Ursus’ life. (TOS - The Primate Directive comics: "Issue 4", "Issue 5")

Ursus was portrayed by actor James Gregory (Tristan Adams) in the film Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Urko, a general from the Planet of the Apes TV series, was originally conceived to be Ursus, and was portrayed by actor Mark Lenard.

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