The Urwyzden were a humanoid civilization native to the Urwyzden system. They were described as about the same height as a teenaged Ferengi, with slate-gray wrinkled skin studded with thick patches. This gave them a gnarly look. They also had small teeth, and their heads were almost as big as a Ferengi's ear.

Before the year 2377, the Urwyzden never had a war in their entire history. Unlike other races, whose histories had many civilizations rise and fall, theirs only had one civilization that rose and never fell. They developed space travel when they felt the time was right, after dealing with other necessities, never having to kill each other.

By 2377, the Urwyzden had populated all three of the planets in the system, which were joined together in a Confederacy. Their entire system dealt with banking, with other governments and interplanetary conglomerates depositing escrow with them. They also maintained a strict neutrality with other governments. This led them to not have any defenses for their system, due to them being trustworthy with other governments, and if a violent race were to attack the defenseless system, other governments would retaliate to protect their interests.

In this year, the governments of all three worlds bought weapons from Gaila and Brunt, which caused civil war to erupt; this war only came to an end after Gaila's role in starting it was revealed. (ST - Seven Deadly Sins novella: Reservoir Ferengi)

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