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"Later, Kirk awakens underground, in the dark, with no memory of who or where he is, or how he got there; it’s a predicament he faces every time he goes on shore leave, except this time he still has his pants on." -- David Mack

I was doing the usual, keeping notes as I read through yet another book. I'd hit a few more details, and I could already tell that a certain person on this wiki would be enraged by them. Yes, I could see another drawn out argument headed my way. This one would end the same as the others, with me being suspended for disagreeing with him. At this point, I asked myself why I was still doing it. I'd had a good three years, and it was time to quit. I didn't want to end up like some obsessive nutter who treated this wiki as his personal property. So, I quit. I'll come back once in a while, whenever I see that something significant has been overlooked. Maybe I'll end up back here in a few years. Maybe by then there'll be someone new insisting that he alone is king of the wiki. You never know.

Remember, the devil is in the details.

"No. Christine Chapel is not Morgan Primus." -- Peter David

"Peter David wears red underpants, over his blue bodysuit." -- Dayton Ward

"Memory Beta is a great site. I rely on it all the time." -- Greg Cox

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Currently reading

ST - Typhon Pact novel: Paths of Disharmony

What I've read

Enterprise Era

  1. Broken Bow by Diane Carey
  2. Shockwave by Paul Ruditis
  3. What Price Honor? by Dave Stern
  4. Last Full Measure by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
  5. The Good That Men Do by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
  6. Kobayashi Maru by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
  7. The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing by Michael A. Martin

The Original Series

Pre-Motion Picture (1970s)

  1. Mission to Horatius (1968)
  2. Star Trek 2 (1968)
  3. Star Trek 3 (1969)
  4. Star Trek 4 (1971)
  5. Spock Must Die! (1971) by James Blish
  6. Star Trek 10 (1974)
  7. Star Trek 11 (1975)
  8. Star Trek: The New Voyages (1976) by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath, ed.
  9. Spock, Messiah! (1976) by Theodore R. Cogswell & Charles A. Spano Jr.
  10. Planet of Judgment (1977) by Joe Haldeman
  11. Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 (1978) by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath, ed.
  12. Mudd's Angels (1978) by J.A. Lawrence
  13. Vulcan! (1978) by Kathleen Sky
  14. Trek to Madworld (1978) by Stephen Goldin
  15. The Starless World (1978) by Gordon Eklund
  16. World Without End (1979) by Joe Haldeman
  17. Devil World (1979) by Gordon Eklund
  18. Perry's Planet (1980) by Jack C. Haldeman II
  19. The Galactic Whirlpool (1980) by David Gerrold
  20. Death's Angel (1981) by Kathleen Sky

Choose your own adventure

  1. Voyage to Adventure (1984) by John M. Ford
  2. Phaser Fight (1986) by Barbara Siegel & Scott Siegel

TOS Films

  1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) by Gene Roddenberry
  2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) by Vonda N. McIntyre
  3. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) by Vonda N. McIntyre
  4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) by Vonda N. McIntyre
  5. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) by J.M. Dillard
  6. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1992) by J.M. Dillard

Post-Film Era (1980s to Present)

  1. Strangers from the Sky (1987, 2006) by Margaret Wander Bonanno
  2. Spock's World (1988) by Diane Duane
  3. The Lost Years (1989) by J.M. Dillard
  4. Prime Directive (1990) by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  5. Best Destiny (1992) by Diane Carey
  6. Shadows on the Sun (1993) by Michael Jan Friedman
  7. Sarek (1994) by A.C. Crispin
  8. Vulcan's Forge (1997) by Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz
  9. The Last Roundup (2003) by Christie Golden
  10. The Entropy Effect (1981) by Vonda N. McIntyre
  11. The Klingon Gambit (1981) by Robert E. Vardeman
  12. The Covenant of the Crown (1981) by Howard Weinstein
  13. The Prometheus Design (1981) by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath
  14. The Abode of Life (1982) by Lee Correy
  15. Black Fire (1983) by Sonni Cooper
  16. Triangle (1983) by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath
  17. Web of the Romulans (1983) by M.S. Murdock
  18. Yesterday's Son (1983) by A.C. Crispin
  19. Corona (1984) by Greg Bear
  20. My Enemy, My Ally (1984) by Diane Duane
  21. The Vulcan Academy Murders (1984) by Jean Lorrah
  22. Uhura's Song (1985) by Janet Kagan
  23. Ishmael (1985) by Barbara Hambly
  24. Killing Time (1985) by Della Van Hise
  25. Dreadnought! (1986) by Diane Carey
  26. Demons (1986) by J.M. Dillard
  27. Battlestations! (1986) by Diane Carey
  28. Deep Domain (1987) by Howard Weinstein
  29. Dreams of the Raven (1987) by Carmen Carter
  30. The Romulan Way (1987) by Diane Duane & Peter Morwood
  31. Bloodthirst (1987) by J.M. Dillard
  32. Time for Yesterday (1988) by A.C. Crispin
  33. The Three-Minute Universe (1988) by Barbara Paul
  34. Memory Prime (1988) by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  35. The Final Nexus (1988) by Gene DeWeese
  36. Double, Double (1989) by Michael Jan Friedman
  37. The Cry of the Onlies (1989) by Judy Klass
  38. The Kobayashi Maru (1989) by Julia Ecklar
  39. Rules of Engagement (1990) by Peter Morwood
  40. The Pandora Principle (1990) by Carolyn Clowes
  41. Doctor's Orders (1990) by Diane Duane
  42. Enemy Unseen (1990) by V.E. Mitchell
  43. Home is the Hunter (1990) by Dana Kramer-Rolls
  44. Ghost-Walker (1991) by Barbara Hambly
  45. A Flag Full of Stars (1991) by Brad Ferguson
  46. Renegade (1991) by Gene DeWeese
  47. The Rift (1991) by Peter David
  48. The Disinherited (1992) by Michael Jan Friedman, Peter David, & Robert Greenberger
  49. Ice Trap (1992) by L.A. Graf
  50. Sanctuary (1992) by John Vornholt
  51. Death Count (1992) by L.A. Graf
  52. Shell Game (1993) by Melissa Crandall
  53. The Starship Trap (1993) by Mel Gilden
  54. From the Depths (1993) by Victor Milan
  55. The Great Starship Race (1993) by Diane Carey
  56. Traitor Winds (1994) by L.A. Graf
  57. Crossroad (1994) by Barbara Hambly
  58. The Better Man (1994) by Howard Weinstein
  59. Recovery (1995) by J.M. Dillard
  60. The Fearful Summons (1995) by Denny Martin Flynn
  61. Twilight's End (1996) by Jerry Oltion
  62. Invasion!: First Strike (1996) by Diane Carey
  63. The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1 (2002) by Greg Cox
  64. The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 (2002) by Greg Cox
  65. To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh (2005) by Greg Cox
  66. Unspoken Truth (2010) by Margaret Wander Bonanno

The Lost Era

  1. Excelsior: Forged in Fire
  2. Star Trek: The Lost Era (TLE) Serpents Among the Ruins by David R. George III (2003)
  3. Star Trek: The Lost Era (TLE) The Art of the Impossible

The Next Generation

  1. Encounter at Farpoint by David Gerrold
  2. Unification by Jeri Taylor
  3. Relics by Michael Jan Friedman
  4. Descent by Diane Carey
  5. All Good Things... by Michael Jan Friedman
  6. Metamorphosis by Jean Lorrah
  7. Vendetta by Peter David
  8. Reunion by Michael Jan Friedman
  9. Imzadi by Peter David
  10. The Devil's Heart by Carmen Carter
  11. Dark Mirror by Diane Duane
  12. Q-Squared by Peter David
  13. Crossover by Michael Jan Friedman
  14. Kahless by Michael Jan Friedman
  15. Klingon by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  16. Ghost Ship by Diane Carey
  17. The Peacekeepers by Gene DeWeese
  18. The Children of Hamlin by Carmen Carter
  19. Survivors by Jean Lorrah
  20. Strike Zone by Peter David
  21. Power Hungry by Howard Weinstein
  22. Masks by John Vornholt
  23. The Captains' Honor by David Dvorkin and Daniel Dvorkin
  24. A Call to Darkness by Michael Jan Friedman
  25. A Rock and a Hard Place by Peter David
  26. Gulliver's Fugitives by Keith Sharee
  27. Doomsday World by Carmen Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger
  28. The Eyes of the Beholders by A.C. Crispin
  29. Exiles by Howard Weinstein
  30. Fortune's Light by Michael Jan Friedman
  31. Contamination by John Vornholt
  32. Boogeymen by Mel Gilden
  33. Q-in-Law by Peter David
  34. Perchance to Dream by Howard Weinstein
  35. Spartacus by T.L. Mancour
  36. Chains of Command by W.A. McCay and E.L. Flood
  37. Imbalance by V.E. Mitchell
  38. War Drums by John Vornholt
  39. Nightshade by Laurell K. Hamilton
  40. Grounded by David Bischoff
  41. The Romulan Prize by Simon Hawke
  42. Guises of the Mind by Rebecca Neason
  43. Here There Be Dragons by John Peel
  44. Sins of Commission by Susan Wright
  45. Debtors' Planet by W.R. Thompson
  46. Foreign Foes by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur
  47. Requiem by Michael Jan Friedman and Kevin Ryan
  48. Balance of Power by Dafydd ab Hugh
  49. Blaze of Glory by Simon Hawke
  50. The Romulan Stratagem by Robert Greenberger
  51. Into the Nebula by Gene DeWeese
  52. The Last Stand by Brad Ferguson
  53. Dragon's Honor by Kij Johnson and Greg Cox
  54. Rogue Saucer by John Vornholt
  55. Invasion!, Book 2: The Soldiers of Fear by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  56. Infiltrator by W.R. Thompson
  57. A Fury Scorned by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski
  58. The Death of Princes by John Peel
  59. Intellivore by Diane Duane
  60. Double Helix, Part 5: Double or Nothing by Peter David
  61. The Battle of Betazed by Susan Kearney and Charlotte Douglas
  62. A Time to Die by John Vornholt
  63. A Time to Love by Robert Greenberger
  64. Death in Winter by Michael Jan Friedman
  65. Resistance by J.M. Dillard (2007)
  66. Q & A by Keith R.A. DeCandido (2007)
  67. Before Dishonor by Peter David (2007)
  68. Greater Than the Sum by Christopher L. Bennett (2008)
  69. Losing the Peace

TNG Films

  1. Star Trek: Generations by J.M. Dillard
  2. Star Trek: First Contact by J.M. Dillard
  3. Star Trek: Insurrection by J.M. Dillard
  4. Star Trek: Nemesis by J.M. Dillard (2002)

Deep Space Nine

  1. Emissary by J.M. Dillard
  2. The Search by Diane Carey
  3. Legends of the Ferengi by Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Ira Steven Behr
  4. The Siege by Peter David
  5. Bloodletter by K.W. Jeter
  6. The Big Game by Sandy Schofield
  7. Fallen Heroes by Dafydd ab Hugh
  8. Warchild by Esther Friesner
  9. Antimatter by John Vornholt
  10. Proud Helios by Melissa Scott
  11. Valhalla by Nathan Archer
  12. Devil in the Sky by Greg Cox and John Gregory Betancourt
  13. Station Rage by Diane Carey
  14. The Long Night by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  15. Time's Enemy (Invasion! #3) by L.A. Graf
  16. The Heart of the Warrior by John Gregory Betancourt
  17. The Left Hand of Destiny Book 1 by J. G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang (2003)
  18. The Left Hand of Destiny Book 2 by J. G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang (2003)
  19. Far Beyond the Stars
  20. A Stitch in Time by Andrew Robinson
  21. The Never-Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack
  22. Cardassia: The Lotus Flower by Una McCormack
  23. Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman


  1. Caretaker by L.A. Graf
  2. Flashback by Diane Carey
  3. Endgame by Diane Carey
  4. Seven of Nine by Christie Golden
  5. Homecoming by Christie Golden
  6. The Farther Shore by Christie Golden
  7. Spirit Walk, Book 1: Old Wounds by Christie Golden
  8. Spirit Walk, Book 2: Enemy of My Enemy by Christie Golden
  9. Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer
  10. Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer

New Frontier

  1. House of Cards
  2. Into the Void
  3. The Two-Front War
  4. End Game
  5. Martyr
  6. Fire on High
  7. Once Burned (Captain's Table #5)
  8. Double or Nothing (Double Helix #5 (TNG #55))
  9. The Quiet Place
  10. Dark Allies
  11. Requiem (Excalibur #1)
  12. Renaissance (Excalibur #2)
  13. Restoration (Excalibur #3)
  14. Gateways, Book 6: Cold Wars
  15. Being Human
  16. Gods Above
  17. Stone and Anvil
  18. After the Fall
  19. Missing in Action

IKS Gorkon - Klingon

  1. A Good Day to Die
  2. Honor Bound
  3. Enemy Territory
  4. A Burning House


  1. Taking Wing, by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels (April 2005)
  2. The Red King, by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels (October 2005)
  3. Orion's Hounds, by Christopher L. Bennett (March 2006)
  4. Sword of Damocles by Geoffrey Thorne (November 2007)
  5. Over a Torrent Sea by Christopher L. Bennett (2009)
  6. Synthesis by James Swallow (2010)


  1. Star Trek Cookbook
  2. Captain Kirk's Guide to Women
  3. Star Trek: Star Charts
  4. Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual
  5. Star Trek: Starship Spotter
  6. Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts
  7. The Hologram's Handbook
  8. Planets of the UFP
  9. The Art of Star Trek
  10. Klingon for the Galactic Traveler
  11. The Klingon Dictionary
  12. The Monsters of Star Trek

Short Story

  1. New Worlds, New Civilizations
  2. Tales of the Dominion War
  3. Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth
  4. The Lives of Dax

Young Adult

  1. Worf's First Adventure, by Peter David
  2. Secret of the Lizard People, by Michael Jan Friedman

Myriad Universes

  1. A Less Perfect Union
  2. Places of Exile
  3. Seeds of Dissent

Destiny Novels

  1. Gods of Night
  2. Mere Mortals
  3. Lost Souls


  1. Articles of the Federation
  2. A Singular Destiny

Typhon Pact

  1. Zero Sum Game
  2. Seize the Fire
  3. Rough Beasts of Empire