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Admiral Marko Woerligen, fictional character, STO

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Greetings, I'm Markonian and began to learn editing wikias in mid-2010. Since then I've mainly contributed to STOWiki, until I migrated fully to Memory Beta. Currently, I'm living in England.

On my plate are TrekLit, Star Trek Online and the Star Trek: Armada games. Those are the topics that I try to be knowledgeable about.

My interests include, but are not limited to, alternate timelines and ships with prefixes.

My greatest issue are table-templates.

Feel free to contact me using my talk page!

Subjective ship lists

Ships of the Sol system

0. Sol-class science vessel, 2400s, basically a Luna-class refit, STO
0a Helios-class tug, 2250s, DSC
0b Helios-class destroyer, 2400s, STO

1. Mercury-class escort, 2410s, a Tom Paris design that merges the Defiant class with the Delta Flyer, STO 2. (Venus) 3. (Earth)
3.1 Luna-class science vessel, 2370s, Riker's USS Titan, TTN
4. Mars-class scout, 3180s, new, DSC
4.1 Deimos-class destroyer, 2380s, Synth ship, PIC

x. Ceres-class explorer, 2160s, a flattened Daedalus-class refit, ENT
x. Vesta-class explorer, 2370s, Ezri Dax's USS Aventine, DS9

5a. Jupiter-class dreadnought, 2400s, STO
5b. Jupiter-class carrier, 2410s, STO
5.1 Europa-class heavy battlecruiser, 2410s, Nimitz-class refit, STO
6. Saturn-class ringship, 3060s, new, DSC
6.1 Titan-class science vessel, 2410s, Luna-class refit, STO 7. (Uranus) 8. Neptune-class surveyor, 2150s, unknown design, ENT

y.1 Styx-class dreadnought, 2250s, smaller cousin of the ISS Charon, STO
y.2 Special mention to: ISS Charon, one-off variant of the Styx-class dreadnought

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