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Currently Reading:[]

TNG - The Lost Era novel: The Buried Age

Star Trek Books I Own[]


By the BookLast Full MeasureThe Good That Men DoKobayashi Maru

The Original Series[]

Star Trek: The Motion PictureThe Entropy EffectThe Klingon GambitThe Covenant of the CrownThe Prometheus DesignThe Abode of LifeStar Trek II: The Wrath of KhanBlack FireYesterday's SonMutiny on the EnterpriseCoronaDouble, DoubleThe Captain's DaughterInvasion! #1: First StrikeEnterprise: The First AdventureStrangers from the SkyFinal FrontierSpock's WorldThe Lost YearsPrime DirectiveProbe (and PDF of the original, Music of the Spheres) • Best DestinyShadows on the SunSarekFederationVulcan's ForgeThe Case of the Colonist's CorpseOdyssey


HarbingerSummon the Thunder

The Lost Era[]

Serpents Among the RuinsThe Buried AgeDay of the VipersNight of the WolvesDawn of the Eagles



The Next Generation[]

Encounter at FarpointUnificationRelicsDescentAll Good Things...MetamorphosisVendettaReunionImzadiThe Devil's HeartDark MirrorQ-SquaredCrossoverShip of the LineTriangle: Imzadi III, QThe ValiantThe Genesis Wave, Books 1, 2, & 3 • The Sky's the LimitGhost ShipThe PeacekeepersThe Children of HamlinSurvivorsStrike ZonePower HungryMasksThe Captains' HonorA Call to DarknessA Rock and a Hard PlaceGulliver's FugitivesDoomsday WorldThe Eyes of the BeholdersExilesFortune's LightContaminationQ-in-LawSpartacusChains of CommandGroundedInvasion! #2: The Soldiers of FearThe Q Continuum, Book 1: Q-SpaceThe Q Continuum, Book 2: Q-ZoneThe Q Continuum, Book 3: Q-StrikeDouble Helix, Part 1: InfectionDouble Helix, Part 2: VectorsDouble Helix, Part 3: Red SectorDouble Helix, Part 4: QuarantineDouble Helix, Part 5: Double or NothingDouble Helix, Part 6: The First VirtueGemworld Books 1 & 2 • Maximum Warp, Book 1: Dead ZoneMaximum Warp, Book 2: Forever DarkThe Captain's Table: Dujonian's HoardDo Comets Dream?A Time to Be BornA Time to DieDeath in WinterResistanceQ & ABefore DishonorGreater Than the Sum

Deep Space 9[]

EmissaryThe SearchThe Way of the WarriorCall to Arms......Sacrifice of AngelsThe SiegeBloodletterThe Big GameFallen HeroesBetrayalWarchildAntimatterThe Laertian GambleThe Long NightObjective: BajorInvasion! #3: Time's EnemySaratogaWrath of the ProphetsVengeanceWarpedDay of Honor: Armageddon SkyThe Captain's Table: The MistMillennium: The Fall of Terok NorMillennium: The War of the ProphetsMillennium: InfernoThe Left Hand of Destiny, books 1 & 2 • Hollow Men


CaretakerDay of HonorMosaicPathwaysThe EscapeRagnarokViolationsIncident at ArbukThe Murdered SunGhost of a ChanceCybersongInvasion! #4: The Final FuryBless the BeastsChrysalisThe Black ShoreMaroonedEchoesSeven of NineDeath of a Neutron StarDay of Honor - Her Klingon SoulString Theory, Book 1: CohesionString Theory, Book 2: FusionString Theory, Book 3: EvolutionHomecomingThe Farther ShoreSpirit Walk, Book 1: Old WoundsSpirit Walk, Book 2: Enemy of My Enemy

New Frontier[]

House of Cards‡ • Into the Void‡ • The Two-Front War‡ • End Game‡ • Martyr‡ • Fire on High‡ • Captain's Table: Once Burned‡ • The Quiet Place‡ • Gods Above†‡ • Stone and Anvil†‡ • No Limits†‡

Starfleet Corps of Engineers/Corps of Engineers[]

Have Tech, Will Travel

IKS Gorkon/Klingon Empire[]

A Good Day to Die


Taking WingThe Red KingOrion's Hounds† • Sword of Damocles


Books One & TwoBooks One & TwoArticles of the FederationStrange New Worlds IStrange New Worlds IIVoyages of Imagination

† = not read yet

‡ = waiting until I get all of them to reread in order

Favorite Star Trek Novels[]

Least Favorite Trek Novels[]

  • Do Comets Dream? (back cover blurb sounds cool, but the story is just terrible, more like fantasy than star trek)
  • The Laertian Gamble (one of the worst trek novels ever, story was absolutely ridiculous, comes in a very close 2nd with Do Comets Dream?)
  • The Prometheus Design (it was a little better the second time, but not much)
  • Mutiny on the Enterprise (was actually worse the second time around)
  • Gauntlet (the characters seemed pretty xenophobic and it took forever for the mission to actually start)
  • Ship of the Line (just didn't enjoy the novel)
  • Contamination (a story I just didn't much care for, somewhat slow)
  • Shatnerverse novels (I find Shatner to be a better actor than author (yes I do know he doesn't write much of the story). However, I still want to read the ones that take place after Avenger just out of a sense of curiosity)

Trek Stories I Want to Read[]

  • Pretty much everything I haven't read yet

Non Trek Books I Own[]

Stargate Atlantis: Blood Ties • Stargate Atlantis: Casualties of War • Doctor Who: Peacemaker • Supernatural: Nevermore • Supernatural: Witch's CanyonThe HobbitLord of the Rings Trilogy • Star Wars: Darth Maul - Shadow HunterThe Invisible ManThe Island of Doctor MoreauMan of PropertyStephen Colbert's I Am America And So Can You!The Da Vinci CodeThe Picture of Dorian GrayThe Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1

† = haven't read yet