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TNG - The Lost Era novel: The Buried Age

Star Trek Books I OwnEdit


By the BookLast Full MeasureThe Good That Men DoKobayashi Maru

The Original SeriesEdit

Star Trek: The Motion PictureThe Entropy EffectThe Klingon GambitThe Covenant of the CrownThe Prometheus DesignThe Abode of LifeStar Trek II: The Wrath of KhanBlack FireYesterday's SonMutiny on the EnterpriseCoronaDouble, DoubleThe Captain's DaughterInvasion! #1: First StrikeEnterprise: The First AdventureStrangers from the SkyFinal FrontierSpock's WorldThe Lost YearsPrime DirectiveProbe (and PDF of the original, Music of the Spheres) • Best DestinyShadows on the SunSarekFederationVulcan's ForgeThe Case of the Colonist's CorpseOdyssey


HarbingerSummon the Thunder

The Lost EraEdit

Serpents Among the RuinsThe Buried AgeDay of the VipersNight of the WolvesDawn of the Eagles



The Next GenerationEdit

Encounter at FarpointUnificationRelicsDescentAll Good Things...MetamorphosisVendettaReunionImzadiThe Devil's HeartDark MirrorQ-SquaredCrossoverShip of the LineTriangle: Imzadi III, QThe ValiantThe Genesis Wave, Books 1, 2, & 3 • The Sky's the LimitGhost ShipThe PeacekeepersThe Children of HamlinSurvivorsStrike ZonePower HungryMasksThe Captains' HonorA Call to DarknessA Rock and a Hard PlaceGulliver's FugitivesDoomsday WorldThe Eyes of the BeholdersExilesFortune's LightContaminationQ-in-LawSpartacusChains of CommandGroundedInvasion! #2: The Soldiers of FearThe Q Continuum, Book 1: Q-SpaceThe Q Continuum, Book 2: Q-ZoneThe Q Continuum, Book 3: Q-StrikeDouble Helix, Part 1: InfectionDouble Helix, Part 2: VectorsDouble Helix, Part 3: Red SectorDouble Helix, Part 4: QuarantineDouble Helix, Part 5: Double or NothingDouble Helix, Part 6: The First VirtueGemworld Books 1 & 2 • Maximum Warp, Book 1: Dead ZoneMaximum Warp, Book 2: Forever DarkThe Captain's Table: Dujonian's HoardDo Comets Dream?A Time to Be BornA Time to DieDeath in WinterResistanceQ & ABefore DishonorGreater Than the Sum

Deep Space 9Edit

EmissaryThe SearchThe Way of the WarriorCall to Arms......Sacrifice of AngelsThe SiegeBloodletterThe Big GameFallen HeroesBetrayalWarchildAntimatterThe Laertian GambleThe Long NightObjective: BajorInvasion! #3: Time's EnemySaratogaWrath of the ProphetsVengeanceWarpedDay of Honor: Armageddon SkyThe Captain's Table: The MistMillennium: The Fall of Terok NorMillennium: The War of the ProphetsMillennium: InfernoThe Left Hand of Destiny, books 1 & 2 • Hollow Men


CaretakerDay of HonorMosaicPathwaysThe EscapeRagnarokViolationsIncident at ArbukThe Murdered SunGhost of a ChanceCybersongInvasion! #4: The Final FuryBless the BeastsChrysalisThe Black ShoreMaroonedEchoesSeven of NineDeath of a Neutron StarDay of Honor - Her Klingon SoulString Theory, Book 1: CohesionString Theory, Book 2: FusionString Theory, Book 3: EvolutionHomecomingThe Farther ShoreSpirit Walk, Book 1: Old WoundsSpirit Walk, Book 2: Enemy of My Enemy

New FrontierEdit

House of Cards‡ • Into the Void‡ • The Two-Front War‡ • End Game‡ • Martyr‡ • Fire on High‡ • Captain's Table: Once Burned‡ • The Quiet Place‡ • Gods Above†‡ • Stone and Anvil†‡ • No Limits†‡

Starfleet Corps of Engineers/Corps of EngineersEdit

Have Tech, Will Travel

IKS Gorkon/Klingon EmpireEdit

A Good Day to Die


Taking WingThe Red KingOrion's Hounds† • Sword of Damocles


Books One & TwoBooks One & TwoArticles of the FederationStrange New Worlds IStrange New Worlds IIVoyages of Imagination

† = not read yet

‡ = waiting until I get all of them to reread in order

Favorite Star Trek NovelsEdit

Least Favorite Trek NovelsEdit

  • Do Comets Dream? (back cover blurb sounds cool, but the story is just terrible, more like fantasy than star trek)
  • The Laertian Gamble (one of the worst trek novels ever, story was absolutely ridiculous, comes in a very close 2nd with Do Comets Dream?)
  • The Prometheus Design (it was a little better the second time, but not much)
  • Mutiny on the Enterprise (was actually worse the second time around)
  • Gauntlet (the characters seemed pretty xenophobic and it took forever for the mission to actually start)
  • Ship of the Line (just didn't enjoy the novel)
  • Contamination (a story I just didn't much care for, somewhat slow)
  • Shatnerverse novels (I find Shatner to be a better actor than author (yes I do know he doesn't write much of the story). However, I still want to read the ones that take place after Avenger just out of a sense of curiosity)

Trek Stories I Want to ReadEdit

  • Pretty much everything I haven't read yet

Non Trek Books I OwnEdit

Stargate Atlantis: Blood Ties • Stargate Atlantis: Casualties of War • Doctor Who: Peacemaker • Supernatural: Nevermore • Supernatural: Witch's CanyonThe HobbitLord of the Rings Trilogy • Star Wars: Darth Maul - Shadow HunterThe Invisible ManThe Island of Doctor MoreauMan of PropertyStephen Colbert's I Am America And So Can You!The Da Vinci CodeThe Picture of Dorian GrayThe Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1

† = haven't read yet

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