Real Name: Christopher

About Me

I'm an avid Star Trek fan, reader, game player, and wiki contributor. Living near a public library has made catching up on recent novels much easier. Besides my reading habit, I'm also involved in two online RPGs, and admin/sysop their wikis; that's actually where my nick comes from. My first character, whom I have been playing for over ten years, is a Vulcan named Savar, who currently commands the Norway class vessel USS Sharikahr, after the Vulcan capital city. I've puttered around on M-A, and made a few edits under an anonymized IP, but never registered for various reasons. I've joined M-B to help out and contribute.

My RPGs:


This is a list of the books that I own. I've read many many more; I used to actually keep a list/spreadsheet, but it was lost in a computer crash years ago. Since I'm catching up on recent books now, I'll focus on those, but one day I'd like to go back and fill in any holes that M-B is missing.

  • The ___ of Star Trek
    • The Physics of Star Trek (Sep 96)
    • The Metaphysics of Star Trek (Jul 97)
    • To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek (Jul 99)
    • Computers of Star Trek (Jun 01)
    • The Ethics of Star Trek (Nov 01)
    • Religions of Star Trek (Aug 03)
  • Biographical
    • I Am Not Spock (1977 Del Rey reprint)
    • Gene Roddenberry: The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek (94)
    • To The Stars (Takei) (Dec 95)
    • I Am Spock (Oct 96)
  • Other
    • Signet Star Trek Quiz Book (1977)
    • Greenberg's Guide to Star Trek Collectibles (Aug 91)
    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Unauthorized Story (Jun 93)
    • The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book (94)
    • The Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers (Oct 94)
    • Captain's Logs (Oct 95)
    • Star Trek: 30 Years (96)
    • Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise-D Blueprints (Jul 96)
    • Make It So (Aug 96)
    • The Trekker's Guide to Voyager (Aug 96)
    • Captain's Logs Supplemental (Nov 96)
    • Why You Should Never Beam Down in a Red Shirt (Nov 96)
    • These Are The Voyages... (Nov 96)
    • The Continuing Mission (97)
    • Star Trek: The Original Series Sketchbook (May 97)
    • Star Trek Science Logs (Mar 98)
    • Complete Star Trek Theme Music (Piano, 2nd Edition) (Mar 98)
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies (May 98)
    • Future Perfect : How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth (Jun 98)
    • Star Trek: Action (Dec 98)
    • Star Trek Cookbook (Jan 99)
    • The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers (Nov 99)
    • The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book (Apr 00)
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