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About me - Trek relevant info, anyway

I remember watching a re-run of an episode of The Original Series when I was about five years old. While I don't really recall what happened in it, I do remember being enthralled at the Enterprise zooming across the screen in the opening credits. And there began the seed of my fascination with Star Trek.

It wasn't until my early teens when Star Trek: The Next Generation was well under way that the seed germinated and I was on my way to becoming a full-fledged Trek geek. Although, it was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that got me completely hooked with its more believable "soap opera in space" set up. At this point I discovered the novels and reference books, and the Star Trek Universe just got a whole lot bigger!

I joined the wiki on 1st July 2011 following a couple of anonymous edits to Taurik on 19th March. My first edits as Cyfa were to DTI novel: Watching the Clock, one of my favourite Star Trek novels.

Speaking of favourites...

These are a few of my favourite things

Watching the Clock cover
Enterprise-D blueprints
Aventine in flight
Grissom, aft
Joined Trill internal anatomy
Trip topless

Novel series


Novellas/short stories

Reference books




Races and cultures


The strange and unusual

Eye candy

Mind's eye candy

As yet unseen, but in my head they are stunning!

The fact that their surnames all begin with D is entirely a coincidence. Or, is it...?

Personal library

The following is a list of the Star Trek books that I own. Or, it will be once I catalogue all my TOS & TNG books. So, if you believe that one of these books will answer a nagging question (like, did Uhura really have a liaison with Curzon Dax?), just let me know and when I get time I'll have a look for you. (Yes. Yes, she did.)

A work in progress...

Star Trek: Enterprise (Pocket)

The Good That Men Do - I only bought it to find out what really happened to Trip. After all, he couldn't have died. He just couldn't have!
Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures, Tower of Babel, Uncertain Logic, Live by the Code

Star Trek: The Original Series (Pocket)

Numbered novels

Chain of AttackDeep DomainDreams of the RavenThe Romulan WayBloodthirstYesterday's SonTime for YesterdayTimetrapStar Trek: The Motion PictureStar Trek II: The Wrath of KhanThe Entropy EffectThe Wounded SkyMy Enemy, My AllyCoronaWeb of the RomulansDreadnought!Rules of EngagementThe Klingon GambitThe Pandora PrincipleKilling TimeThe Tears of the SingersDemonsA Flag Full of StarsCrisis on CentaurusBattlestations!The DisinheritedSanctuaryDeath CountShell GameThe Starship TrapThe Great Starship RaceFirestormTraitor WindsRecoveryThe Fearful SummonsFirst FrontierThe Captain's DaughterFirst Strike

Unnumbered novels

Strangers from the SkyFinal FrontierThe Lost YearsPrime DirectiveUhura's SongDwellers in the CrucibleProbeBest DestinySarekFederationVulcan's ForgeVulcan's HeartCloakEx MachinaBurning DreamsThe Sorrows of EmpireUnspoken TruthExodusExilesEpiphanyAllegiance in ExileFrom History's ShadowThe More Things ChangeMiasmaThe Latter FireElusive Salvation

Star Trek: Vanguard

Stories featuring Starbase Vanguard
Star Trek: Vanguard novels HarbingerSummon the ThunderReap the WhirlwindOpen SecretsPrecipiceWhat Judgments ComeStorming Heaven
Short stories and novellas Distant Early WarningThe Black FlagDeclassified (Almost TomorrowHard NewsThe Ruins of Noble MenThe Stars Look Down) • In Tempest's Wake
The only one I don't have is the Mirror universe story The Black Flag.

Star Trek: Seekers

Second NaturePoint of DivergenceLong ShotAll That's Left

Star Trek: The Lost Era

The SunderedSerpents Among the RuinsThe Art of the ImpossibleWell of SoulsCatalyst of SorrowsThe Buried AgeDay of the VipersNight of the WolvesDawn of the EaglesOne Constant Star

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Pocket)

CrossoverStar Trek GenerationsRogueStar Trek: First ContactThe Battle of BetazedStar Trek: InsurrectionArticles of the FederationResistanceBefore DishonorGreater Than the SumThe Persistence of MemorySilent WeaponsThe Body ElectricThe Stuff of DreamsTakedownArmageddon's Arrow
All the rest are safely tucked away in a box that I can no longer find... Bah!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Pocket)

Hollow MenA Stitch in TimeMillennium: The Fall of Terok Nor, The War of the Prophets, InfernoProphecy and ChangeThe Lives of DaxAvatarAbyssDemons of Air and DarknessTwilightThis Gray SpiritCathedralLesser EvilUnityCardassia: The Lotus FlowerAndor: ParadigmTrill: UnjoinedBajor: Fragments and OmensFerenginar: Satisfaction is Not GuaranteedThe Dominion: Olympus DescendingWarpathFearful SymmetryThe Soul KeyThe Never-Ending SacrificeLust's Latinum Lost (and Found)DisavowedThe MissingSacraments of FireAscendanceForce and MotionRules of Accusation

Star Trek: Voyager (Pocket)

MosaicShadowChildren of the StormThe Eternal TideProtectors
Meh. Voyager... Still, Children of the Storm was very good.

Star Trek: Titan

Taking WingOrion's HoundsOver a Torrent SeaSynthesisFallen GodsAbsent EnemiesSight Unseen

Star Trek: Destiny

Gods of NightMere MortalsLost SoulsA Singular Destiny

Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations

Watching the ClockForgotten HistoryThe Collectors

Star Trek: Typhon Pact

Star Trek: Typhon Pact
Zero Sum GameSeize the FireRough Beasts of EmpirePaths of DisharmonyThe Struggle Within‎Plagues of NightRaise the DawnBrinkmanship

Star Trek: The Fall

Star Trek: The Fall
Revelation and DustThe Crimson ShadowA Ceremony of LossesThe Poisoned ChalicePeaceable Kingdoms

Collected works and anthologies

CrewStar Trek Omnibus, Volume 2Romulans: Pawns of WarStrange New Worlds ITales of the Dominion WarNew Worlds, New CivilizationsStar Trek: NeroStar Trek: CountdownEchoes and RefractionsShips of the Line (1st & 2nd editions) • Ships of the Line 2002Ships of the Line 2014Ships of the Line 2015Captain's LogAlien Spotlight, Volume IAlien Spotlight, Volume IIShips of the Line 2017

Star Trek reference books

The Klingon DictionaryMr Scott's Guide to the EnterpriseStar Trek: The Next Generation Technical ManualStar Trek ChronologyStar Trek Encyclopedia (all three editions) • Star Trek: The Next Generation USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D BlueprintsStar Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical ManualStar Trek: Starship SpotterStar ChartsUSS Enterprise Owners' Workshop ManualStellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference LibraryFederation: The First 150 Years

Real-world information books

The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space NineThe Art of Star TrekThese Are the Voyages... - A Three-Dimensional Star Trek AlbumThe Making of Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing MissionStar Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The MoviesStar Trek: Action!Star Trek: Where No One Has Gone BeforeStar Trek: The Art of the Film50 Artists 50 Years


Star Trek Magazine

Issue 162

The Official Starships Collection

Issue 12, USS Thunderchild • Issue 36, Oberth-class • Issue 40, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) • Issue 42, USS Pasteur (NCC-58925) • Issue 61, Norway-class
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