Name: Jay Hash
Gender: Male
DOB: 8-6-1983
Origin: Alamo, California
Current Location: Eugene, OR
Occupation: Actor
Favorite Series: Deep Space Nine/The Next Generation/Voyager
Favorite Movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
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My name is Jay Hash, and I'm a new user to the Memory Beta Wiki. Thanks for visiting my UserPage. I hope it will be a memorable experience!

My Love of (almost) everything Trek:Edit

What can I say, I am a Trekkie (or trekker, if you prefer). I got my start early in my life, and have loved it since my first episode of TNG.

I'm a huge fan of the books, and I've played my fair share of Star Trek computer games, so that's where I do most of my editing and creating. I'm also an enormous fan of Comic books, so I hope to help edit those when I have some free time as well.

My favorite Series is Star Trek: The Next Generation, followed closely by Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Most other Trek series usually fall in line behind that, but occasionally I enjoy certain ones more than the others. And I'll let it be said, I can't stand Star Trek: Enterprise. I just don't. Some aspects of it are commendable, but I find there is so much wrong with it (from the continuity retconning to the general look of the show) that I can't really stand to watch any episodes, and I won't really waste any time on the books if I can avoid it.

In Real Life...Edit

I'm a 23 year old college graduate with a BA in Theatre with an acting focus. I currently work at a warehouse for Sears in Eugene, Oregon, and hate every minute of it. I am hoping that my wife ( who currently has a recording contract in the works) will be able to provide some financial stability so that I might be able to go out and audition for some jobs before I spend the rest of my life wasting away in Oregon while editing Wiki entries.

I also am trying to get into the secondary vocation of making comic books. I was associated with Black Box Productions (a very small independent comic group in Eugene), but couldn't meet their deadlines, so I'm out on my own with a hope to get picked up by a major house someday, or strike out on my own spree of publishing talking heads.

In my free time, I enjoy comic books and (some) computer games. I also love music & film, and if I'm not reading or drawing, I'm reorganizing my iTunes Library or ordering new films from Netflix.

If you're bored...Edit

you can take a look at:

Things to work onEdit

Star Trek Game ArticlesEdit

I edited the Bridge Commander and Hidden Evil pages so that people at least have a page to link to concerning those games, but there are a multitude of pages that have been set up but have no info. I'd like to fix that, 'cause I know I've played them...

Recent Star Trek BooksEdit

Some of these articles seem rather paltry to me. and while I may not have the best grammar or sentence structure on the planet, I'd like to add my 2 cents when regarding books or short stories that I've read that have no summaries or info on their pages.


I enjoy the costuming in the Star Trek series. I (being a Trekkie) have many incarnations of the various uniforms in my closet. And I tried a stint of editing the uniforms articles on Memory Alpha, only to be told to (expletive deleted) off. So I hope that i can go though my plethora of comics, screen shots, and personal drawings to add to the wiki.

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