Hi all,


I wanted to let the community know that since I now have a newborn at home (10 days old!) I won't be posting very much here for the time being. I will still get on when I can and I hope to eventually be able to do quite a lot - I just can't right now. You can still contact me through my talk page and I will answer as soon as I can. Thanks, --Jdvelasc 16:44, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

By the way, if someone could try to keep up with the pic of the day I (and hopefully other community members) would really appreciate it.


I have been posting here at Memory Beta since October (06) with a large portion of my posts being just little details like categorization. Recently, I have spent little clumps of time trying to organize the images. I have also been making sure that there is a new picture of the day each day. However, I am easily sidetracked and I often just float around the wiki changing random things as I go along. I am also a big fan of timelining and I dream of having complete mission logs in chronological order for our "adventures of" templates.

I recently became an administrator here -- thanks to the vote of confidence!

Like 8of5, I would like to see a lot more summaries of novels (and comics), but I don't write them quickly myself and so time constraints in the real world keep me from doing more.

I have done a large amount of work for the following novel pages:

In particular, AtfWatfP was an attempt to make the "perfect" novel page that I could use as a template for lots of other novel pages which I have yet to get to.

I also really like The doctor's idea of rating the novels that he reads. I have only recently been reading Trek novels (~1.5 years) so for future reading there are so many to choose from that it would be nice to focus on the best. I plan to post my own ratings for the novels that I have read very soon.

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