I have been a fan of Star Trek since i was around 9 i started reading startrek novels from the age of 13 first book was bloodlettermy favourite book series are TNG New Frontier and SCE i own around 125 startrek books including most of the SCE and New Frontier book series and most of the next generation books and 7 of the continuation of DS9 series fav book series

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My Primary IPs[edit | edit source]

anytime i am not logged in as McHenry i am usually logged in as


so if there any comments or queries reply on Mchenry talk page

Books i currently own[edit | edit source]


* Encounter at Farpoint * Unification Half finished

* Relics minor rework

* Descent

* Dark Mirror Half Finished

TNG Numbered

* Survivors

* A Call to Darkness

* Contamination * Boogeymen

* Spartacus

* Sins of Commission

* Rogue Saucer

* Q-Space

* Gemworld, Book 1 havn't filled information

* Gemworld, Book 2 havn't filled information

New Frontier


SCE printed

  1. Have Tech, Will Travel
  2. Miracle Workers
  3. Some Assembly Required
  4. No Surrender
  5. Foundations
  6. Wildfire
  7. Breakdowns



Work In Progress[edit | edit source]

going through each of TNG books adding information on both species and characters on the novel page ones that i have completed are itacalized

  • 2 once i have a good number done i will add individual pages on each character
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