A face only a mother could love!

A proud Canuck!

Favorite Novels[edit | edit source]

  • Age of the Empress
  • The Sorrows of Empire
  • A Less Perfect Union
  • Places of Exile
  • The Chimes at Midnight
  • A Gutted World

Favorite Short Stories[edit | edit source]

  • Nobunaga
  • Ill Winds
  • The Greater Good
  • The Sacred Chalice

Favorite Episodes[edit | edit source]

  • Twilight
  • In a Mirror Darkly I
  • In a Mirror Darkly II
  • The City on the Edge of Forever
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Parallels
  • The Inner Light
  • Timeless
  • Year of Hell I
  • Year of Hell II
  • Endgame
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