As a major fan of the Star Trek novelverse, I came over here when I noticed the insane number of incomplete and/or missing articles. I would love to help out!

I consider one of my greatest areas of "expertise" to be that of the Cardassians, and that is where you are most likely to see my contributions. I love their aesthetic (architecture, clothing, etc.), and can definitely sympathize with that famed discomfort in cold temperatures--for me, "cold" seems to start where others are comfortable and "comfortable" where others are hot to the point of feeling sick! But more than that, I am probably one of the more conservative, sometimes cynical Star Trek fans out there rather suspicious of the utopian view most prevalent in The Next Generation (shouldn't surprise you that my favorite series was Deep Space Nine).

For me there's something in the Cardassians...or at least the potential of what they could be if they listened to people like Tekeny Ghemor and the late Tora Ziyal...that presents an interesting alternative to the typical view of the Federation.

Oh, and the Bajorans are pretty cool, to appreciate a people who can take such a balanced approach to life the way Jaza Najem did. (Plus it's rare to see such a view covered in pop culture, which tries to polarize everything like it has to be religion VERSUS science.)

Pages to which I have made major contributionsEdit

Cardassian People and CultureEdit

Astraea (Took a short article and brought it up to date for the Terok Nor series)

Zurin Dakal (Took a two-sentence stub and pretty much wrote the thing from the ground up)

Akellen Macet (Expansion to include details from Gateways: Demons of Air and Darkness, and the events of "The Wounded" (TNG) as well as general information on the way his character has been developed.)

Tak (Created this page.)

Miras Vara (Created this page. I have chosen for now to allow Vara's history to end with her disappearance and resume again only when her "friend" Kalisi Reyar realizes who "Astraea" is.)

Verden (Article creation)

Cardassian shipsEdit

Fatal Arrow (Article creation)

Liburnian class (Article creation)

Vendikar (Article creation)

General definition pagesEdit

Language (Established this article.)

Cardassian pages I plan to take onEdit


Skrain Dukat (alternate)

Gul Gavron

Kam Gavron


Aamin Marritza

Kalisi Reyar

Thrax Sa'kat

Oralian Way (needs a LOT more detail than what it has!)


General definition pages I plan to take onEdit




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