A twenty-nine year old half-tiger/half-Kryygrenian [don't ask] Gothic and vampiric cat who loves cross-continuity, meaning the types of links shown in Ishmael and Greg Cox's Khan Noonien Singh novels. From Manchester, but I haven't lived there since 1993, and I hate where I live now, so I'd rather not identify it.

Articles I created or contributed lots toEdit

Rarely publicised relatives; Natasha Yar; Shiboline M'Ress; ...Like a Woman Scorned!; There's No Place Like Gnomes; Chekov's Choice; Dark Passions, Book One; Dark Passions, Book Two; Annika Hansen (mirror); Worf (mirror); Deanna Troi (mirror); ISS Enterprise (ICC-1701-D); the stories in New Worlds, New Civilizations.

Star Trek HistoryEdit

Started collecting Star Trek Fact Files in 1996, then got a free book, From the Depths and used initiative to find the links between that and Friday's Child. This led me to collect the novels, comics and, eventually, the episodes and films. Eventually I bought Assignment: Eternity and moved into cross-continuity, leaving Trek behind except for slight research. This led me to Memory Alpha, then SimonSays and now Memory Beta, which I adore.

Memory Beta HistoryEdit

Joined with lots of controversy when I didn't realise unlicensed material wasn't accepted here, so took umbridge at my Shiboline M'Ress article being edited. When discussion on the rights or wrongs of USS Enterprise Officer's Manual came up, it resulted in lots of birthdates being up for elimination. My...unique...views on Star Trek: The Animated Series have risen eyebrows, too, as have times I've placed Shatnerverse data amongst other data, but, having finally gotten an account that I hope the computer accepts as of June 2007, hopefully fellow members will sigh in relief, LOL.

Favourite T.V.Edit

Lost, Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Rome.


I don't read like I used to do. I collect loads for my cross-continuity, but usually already know where it chronologically belongs and what fun references it has, so I just put it on my shelf. As of June 2007, I've bought Emil Zola's Nana, Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso and the three Torchwood novels, amongst others.

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