I'm TC01 (although I suppose that's obvious). I tend to this handle on the Internet, so if you run into posts by a TC01 elsewhere it's probably also me.

I'm a pretty large Star Trek fan, and progressed from watching the series and playing Star Trek games to reading Star Trek novels (and still doing the other stuff occasionally). It's probably my favorite science fiction "space opera" setting.

So eventually I decided to start contributing stuff to Memory Beta.

While I do really enjoy the novels, the main thing I've ever contributed to Memory Beta has been information about many Star Trek games from the late 90s and early 2000s. These games are increasingly difficult to come by and also increasingly difficult to even run, so I'd like to record as much about them as possible while I can (since I happen to own a bunch of them).

I do this pretty irregularly, but I try.

Star Trek: New Worlds Edit

After some considerable effort, I was able to get a copy of Star Trek: New Worlds working under wine on Linux (this game doesn't seem to work on any kind of modern Windows system, or at least I wasn't able to get it to work). At the moment I'm playing through it and transcribing information from the game onto the wiki.

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