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Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

There are already numerous people here filling out the myriad minutiae of the Star Trek universe itself, so I am primarily interested in various real-world details about Star Trek tie-ins and their creators: behind-the-scenes trivia, biographical information, relevant external links related to such things, and so forth. If it helps put the franchise's licenced fiction in context with the rest of the world around us, it appeals to me.

This holds particularly true for authors, comic book writers, and artists who don't already have Memory Beta pages, or whose pages are sorely lacking.

Despite that focus, I might still spend some time updating myriad minutiae. To that end, I'm most interested in the TOS movie era--not just that in-universe period (2273-2293, more or less), but the real-world period (1978-1988, more or less) when the novels and comics were developing their own interconnected continuity before Star Trek: The Next Generation came along and Richard Arnold started imposing his restrictions. I also have a weakness for those rare official crossovers between Star Trek and other franchises.

My personal philosophy on this wiki is that no Memory Alpha or Wikipedia entry directly related to a Star Trek tie-in should be more complete than or otherwise superior to its Memory Beta counterpart.

Pages I've Created[]

Notable People Without Entries[]


Bantam Books
  • Claire Gabriel
  • Shirley S. Maiewski
  • Jesco von Puttkamer
Pocket Books
  • "Kem Antilles"
  • Jeff Ayers
  • Patricia Barnes-Svarney
  • M. Shayne Bell
  • Doranna Durgin
  • Eloise Flood
  • Stan Goldstein & Fred Goldstein
  • Alan Gratz
  • James Gunn
  • Scott Harrison
  • James I. Kirkland
  • Eric Kotani
  • Bill McCay
  • Rebecca Neason
  • Larry Nemecek
  • Kathleen O'Malley
  • Charles Pellegrino
  • Steven Piziks
  • Barbara Siegel
  • Scott Siegel
  • S.P. Somtow
  • Rick Sternbach
  • Theodore Sturgeon
  • W.R. Thompson
  • Bobbie JG Weiss
  • David Cody Weiss
  • David Niall Wilson
Titan Books
  • David A. Goodman
  • Christian Humberg

Comic Book Writers[]

UK Comic Strip
US Comic Strip
DC Comics
  • Allan Asherman
Malibu Comics
  • Mariano Nicieza
Marvel Comics
  • Scott Lobdell
WildStorm Comics
  • Kevin J. Anderson
  • Jerry Bingham
  • David Brin
  • T.A. Chafin
  • Colin Clayton
  • Timothy de Haas
  • David De Vries
  • Christopher Golden
  • Christopher Hinz
  • L.B. Kellogg
  • Jean-Marc Lofficier
  • Rebecca Moesta
  • Joshua Ortega
  • Kenneth Penders
  • Ben Raab
  • Bob Rozakis
  • Len Strazewski
  • Steven H. Wilson
  • Anne Wokanovicz
IDW Publishing
  • Dave Baker
  • John Barber
  • Corinna Bechko
  • Brannon Braga
  • Cecil Castellucci
  • Donny Cates
  • Brandon Easton
  • Travis Fickett
  • Nicole Goux
  • Marc Guggenheim
  • Gabriel Hardman
  • F. Leonard Johnson
  • Collin Kelly
  • Sandra Lanz
  • Jackson Lanzig
  • Tony Lee
  • Sam Maggs
  • Terry Matalas
  • Ryan Parrott
  • Simon Roy
  • Cavan Scott
  • Mairghread Scott
  • Matthew Dow Smith
  • Vivek J. Tiwary
  • Scott Bryan Wilson

Artists and Illustrators[]


  • Joseph F. Berenato
  • Bobbie Chase
  • Lisa Clancy
  • Sarah Gaydos
  • Carol Greenburg
  • Mark Paniccia
  • Frederik Pohl
  • Kim Yale


Other Missing Entries[]