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William Thomas Thelonius Riker, the son of Kyle and Betty Riker, was born in Alaska on Earth in 2335. (TNG novel: Q-Squared; TNG episodes: "The Icarus Factor", "Conundrum", "Second Chances") His distant ancestors hailed from North America, including Colonel Thaddius Riker, who fought in the American Civil War. (VOY episode: "Death Wish")

Will's real name was not established until TNG episode: "Second Chances", although the middle initial had already been established. Prior to this, TNG novel: Imzadi gave his middle name as "Thelonius". The later novel, Q-Squared, published after "Second Chances", finally gives Will's full name as William Thomas Thelonius Riker.

As a child, Riker spent much of his time reading about the history of space exploration and would marvel at the exploits of those who had saved their ships from danger or had scarified their own lives in the attempt. It was through this reading that Riker became determined to be a starship captain, making first contact with alien races or forging new alliances for the Federation. (TNG novel: Doomsday World)

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USS Pegasus[edit | edit source]

USS Fortuna[edit | edit source]

By 2359, Riker, now holding the rank of lieutenant was assigned to the small science exploration vessel USS Fortuna, under the command of Captain Lansing. In this year, a posting as first officer aboard the Excelsior-class USS Hood, and Riker successfully applied to fill that position, which was due to commence within the month.

Unfortunately, the Hood was attacked by Sindareen raiders in the interim, and the damage had caused her to put in at a dry dock for repairs, delaying Riker's transfer to the Hood. With a replacement already assigned to his position aboard the Fortuna, Riker was instead assigned to the Federation embassy on Betazed. (TNG novel: Imzadi)

Betazed[edit | edit source]

USS Hood[edit | edit source]

USS Potemkin[edit | edit source]

By 2361, Riker was serving aboard the USS Potemkin. During his service aboard the Potemkin, Riker developed a tactic which involved using a planet's magnetic pole and shutting down all ship's systems to confuse an enemy vessel's sensors. (TNG episode: "Peak Performance")

Later that year, Riker led an away team to the surface of Nervala IV in order to rescue researchers had become stranded at an outpost on the planet. After all personnel except himself had been evacuated, Riker signaled for transport. With atmospheric distortions threatening to dissipate Riker's pattern, the Potemkin's transporter chief compensated by creating a second confinement beam. However, only one beam was needed for Riker to materialize, so the second beam was shut down.

Unknown to Riker and the Potemkin's crew, the second beam had been duplicated and reflected back to the planet's surface, and materialized another William Riker. This duplicate Riker remained stranded on Nervala until 2369.

Following the mission on Nervala IV, Riker was cited for exceptional valor and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander. (TNG episode: "Second Chances")

Further service aboard the USS Hood[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Commander Riker was assigned to the Hood as first officer, under the command of Captain Robert DeSoto, in 2362. Over the next two years, Riker service aboard was remarked as being exemplary, despite an incident where he refused to allow DeSoto to transport down to a hostile situation on Altair III. (TNG episode & novelization: Encounter at Farpoint)

In 2364, Riker was offered his first command, that of the light cruiser USS Drake. However, he turned down the assignment after he was offered a position as first officer aboard the new flagship, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). (TNG episode: "The Arsenal of Freedom")

USS Enterprise-D[edit | edit source]

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In early 2366, Riker was delegated the responsibility of negotiating the Petition for Territorial Trespass with the K'Vin Hegemony embassy on the planet Kirlos, after several officers, including Lieutenant Commander La Forge, were invited to join Professor Nassa Coleridge on an archaeological expedition to the planet. After filling out the lengthy paperwork required and waiting a lentghy period of time for a response, Riker was eventually contacted by K'Vin representative Gezor, who had several concerns about the petition, regarding Data. Fighting to maintain control of his anger, Riker managed to negotiate an amendment stating that Data was part of the research equipment needed, leading Gezor to send further paperwork to be filled out. However, following a quip from Wesley Crusher about the paperwork, Riker ordered that Crusher was to oversee the necessary changes. (TNG novel: Doomsday World)

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Deanna Troi[edit | edit source]

Following Riker's transfer to the USS Potemkin in 2361, he sent a message to Troi, asking her to meet him on Risa some weeks later, in the hope that they could salvage their relationship. Unfortunately, the rendezvous wasn't kept as Riker was promoted just prior to the mission to Nervala III and had been forced to cancel their date. After this, Riker and Troi lost touch until their unexpected reunion aboard the USS Enterprise-D several years later. (TNG novel: Triangle: Imzadi II; TNG episode: "Second Chances")

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