Christine Chapel was a 23rd century Human woman. By the 2260s, Chapel was serving as a sciences division lieutenant working as a nurse aboard the USS Enterprise. She later studied to complete her medical degree and returned to the Enterprise in 2273 to serve as her chief medical officer. (Star Trek: The Original Series; Star Trek: The Animated Series; TOS movie: Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

Early life[edit | edit source]

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Christine Chapel was of mixed ancestry, which included Swedish and Cherokee. When she was 15-years-old, Chapel became interested in the problems of her Native American ancestors and expressed an interest in studying law. However, this interest gave way to a desire to study medicine and biochemistry, eventually deciding to study at Starfleet Academy as it offered the most varied course of study, and the best teachers. (TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek")

Starfleet career[edit | edit source]

Early career[edit | edit source]

Upon entering Starfleet Academy, Chapel studied with the idea of specializing in the regeneration of humanoid limbs. She pursued this course of study for a short time before gaining an interest in studying psychotherapy and working extensively with patients suffering from severe trauma. One of her instructors at the Starfleet Academy Medical College was Doctor Roger Korby, whom she later became romantically involved with, and eventually, engaged to be married. (TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek"; TOS episode: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?")

By the early 2260s, Chapel was working in bio-research when she learned that contact had been lost with Dr. Korby and his team following a mission to planet Exo III. Realizing that a deep-space assignment would be her only hope of traveling to Exo and reuniting with Korby, she gave up her career and signed on for a long-term, deep-space mission. (TOS episode: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?")

USS Enterprise[edit | edit source]

By 2265, Chapel was commissioned as a lieutenant junior grade and was assigned to the USS Enterprise, serving as head nurse under Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Piper. The two developed a close association together and they became quite close, so when Piper eventually retired at the end of the year, Chapel became quite emotional, hugging him as he packed up his possessions in his sickbay office. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

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