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I have been a fan of Star Trek for a very long time now - I guess around 14 or 15 years.... I especially enjoy DS9 and recently discovered the "relaunch" novels, in where the events after "What you leave behind...", the series finale, are depicted.

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After reading the relaunch novels and discovering also some post-Nemesis TNG stuff, I tried to catch up on recent events (in-universe) - with little success. I thus started a proposal for a new structure of these pages, and with the help of User:8of5 and User:Captainmike, I think we ended up with a good suggestion (refer to Forum:Year_pages for more on this)

Currently, I am thinking in working back from 2376 (which I finally reworked and included the relaunch stuff) to 2371. However, as this includes a lot of materials from the episodes, I am not sure where to start... ;)

Already adapted are:

Eugenic warsEdit

Terok NorEdit

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Deep Space NineEdit

Deep Space Nine RelaunchEdit

TNG Relaunch, Titan, Destiny and Post-DestinyEdit

I will start working at

  • 2376 (add more detail)

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I started to summarize novels on Memory Alpha, but might also add some here to MB.

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