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Oui! day 2, was going good. pretty much like day 1 how ever when someone gets touchy about something. lol Warning to all those new contributors out there, shoot your mouth off and Captain MKB is likely to delete your contributions for just being a smart ***. I dunno, i think its the god complex at work but who knows. Anyways... im gonna keep doing what im doing, contributing without stepping on any toes. I had to redo the Jonathan Frakes page cause some jerk off thinks i copied everything off of a page. But i would like to see what lines i did copy from the IMDB profile, but hey, you need to make a biography 'original'.... Kinda hard to make someones life and their contributions to a society original though when one way or the other multiple sites are going to have the exact same information, albeit reworded, but still the same content one way or the other, there's just no way around it when creating a biography of a person.

True i did copy data from one wiki and copied it to another yesterday for a few shows. I dont deny that i did. I was called on it, and it will be corrected eventually. If any admins dont like this blog, well dont read it then, it is what it is, a Personal blog on my personal experiences here at this Wikia.

In the mean time, i will keep doing what I've been doing today, making small contributions here and there. Learning the ropes slowly but surely. I mean no offense to anyone who gets miffed with what i attempt to do. If i try and correct a link and it takes me a half a dozen tries to get it right then it does. Most of the time i hit save page instead of hitting preview, but i will try and get in the habit of that.

This is Admiral Yates, Signing off Admiral Yates 22:31, March 24, 2010 (UTC)