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I've been wondering who does what on a starship. How much of Voyagers crew were engineers, scientists, security, command?

Why would there be any red uniformed personal aside from CO, XO, helm and may be 5 to 10 others involved in shuttles, next shift at CONN, JAG or Spec Ops?

On the shows the security teams never seem very large, but on a ship the size of Enterprise D they had to have substantial force, but what were they doing when not responding poorly to some emergency. And what part of the force is tactical and which is security, is the tactical section responsible for the upkeep of weapons and shield systems?

How large is the engineering staff of a ship, do they make up the majority of crew?

Same with science teams, how much of the compliment are they?

How many doctors to a ship, nurses, medical staff. Voyager was made to seem like the whole of the medical staff was no more than the unfortunate CMO and Nurse that were killed first episode but later we see crew man assisting during emergencies despite it being stated that Tom was the most qualified to assist the doctor.