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Dan Uyeno's USS Thantos from Ships of the Line 2013.

Well, it looks like the Ships of the Line calendars are heading towards a 2015 entry!

After the "Will they? Won't they?" leading up to the eventual release of the Ships of the Line 2014 calendar, I wasn't expecting a Ships of the Line 2015. However, I've seen a couple of promising hints online that fill me with hope that the 2015 edition will be going ahead.

Mark Rademaker cryptically tweeted the following "2015 is a go. Demeter is up next..." [1] on 14th October, and I've just discovered that last month Michael Wiley, aka Trekmodeler of DeviantArt, posted this on his DA journal:

A few weeks ago, Doug Drexler contacted me to come up with some ideas for the upcoming SOTL calendar.
My immediate reaction was- "HOLY CRAP!" This guy worked on TNG, Battlestar Galactica, and other shows and movies! I am honored that my work is being seen by professionals of the business.
So I created a few rendered images, some with my custom ships, others with more familiar ships featuring the TOS Enterprise, etc. That process was daunting to say the least.
Doug liked 3 of the images I sent him. It looks like in the coming months I will be building a TV/Studio-quality TOS Enterprise!
Stay tuned! [2]

So, this looks like it could be good news for us starship freaks!

It seems that Doug Drexler's already approaching artists to gather another set of starship art of known and (hopefully) new ships to drool over! I've already got my hopes up that Andrew Probert's Battle of Wolf 359 aftermath painting, including his Starfleet tug/salvage ship [3], will be featured. My fingers are also crossed for Mark Rademaker's Theophrastus-class USS Demeter. [4]