Gattaca was my home in my pastlife and is a galaxy far opposite the Alpha quadrant and is the home of space Americans.They would have or were jipped while fighting and manipulating their surrounding enemies.They are a few states in America.They had policies on the French after defeating Galactica and laws and are full of police and military.They though never merged or linked to the Federation searching through space.If they merged then a full report would have been done and the UFP and Starfleet would have seen it Gattaca's way and upgraded and made new class Gattaca starships.Everthing in Gattaca is UFP and Starfleet agreeable as they have very wise judges and high ranks.They are very old more older than religion.They are space traveling from their hard work and did and had less then ON on earth,Canada they had 20th Century technology and were spacebourne.They found many planets and were very sensible.

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