Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

I am a rather rabid wiki-founder, some of them I have more-or less abandoned for lack of interest . . . some aree just info-dumbs for when I take notes . . . some are because other wikis are mishandling their subject-matter (planet 51 wiki, and chronicles of riddick wiki) and need a fresh start.

personally, I lack the enthusiasm to create a new star trek wiki. I am a Burroughs fan first and foremost, but I contribute on any wiki that I can. I have two ideas for new trek-themed wikis . . . why am I not bringing this up on memory alpha? or some other star trek fansite?

Honestly, because most star trek fans are far to dismissive of non-show works, even being malicious and hateful of the very concept of it. As if these writers and creators performed some crime, by trying to add to the universe in their own way. In a sense even Star Trek is trapped in the past by these canon boundries.

Newer science fiction franchises embrace their books, games, and extra-material as canon. And surely they produce far fewer superflous works, but those works are much better quality on average, and reading them contributes something to your experience.

Notable examples being the Halo series, Gears of War series, Mass Effect, and even Star Wars to an extent (which they are very careful to mark works as canon or not canon at time of release, and keep up constant retcons).

So what does this rambling-rant-of-rant mean? My two new wiki ideas involve incorporating information from all "officially license, published, and distributed Star Trek works" and only information from them, no fanon . . . but canon lines would be crossed in these projects . . . merely for the sake of the database, and the.

My first idea is simple, a Klingon Database. Not a database written in klingon (it would be translated into it later), a database written from the perspective of klingons, for the klingon empire . . . incorporating canon and non-canon information to provide a full-view on klingons as the are presented in the whole of star trek media.

My second idea . . . is a little bolder "New Trek" a database for the new star trek film, and all related materials. This one we would make the case that the "reboot changed the rules" and that the new tie-in comics, games, and books should all be considered canon to the new film . . . And while it technically as it stands isnt true, and I dont necessarily agree with it . . . I think that the perspective needs to be considred, and at least displayed once to see if it could work for trek to actually take its superflous works seriously.

to sum up "blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah, I LAIK KLINGERNS, blah blah, DURNT HATE MER FER LAIKING NEW SAR TREK MOVAY PLZ".