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Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

Greetings, fellow Trek Wikians!

Exciting news from the land of Trek Wikia - the next episode of Wikia Qwizards will be Star Trek-themed!

Qwizards is an original collaborative quiz show that pits participants from the Wikia community against each other in a three-way battle of expert level trivia. Check out for previous episodes.

To participate, you'll join a Google+ Hangout, which Wikia will record. So, you'll need to have a reliable webcam setup and be familiar with Google+ Hangouts.

If you meet these requirements and want to participate, send us your info below!

  1. Are you a sentient being?
  2. Do you love Star Trek?
  3. Do you know a lot about Star Trek?
  4. Are you okay with being on camera?
  5. Do you have a webcam?
  6. Are you okay with writing some questions for your fellow contestants to answer?

If you apply--and we hope you do--we'll be contacting you in the next few weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to message me.

We hope to hear from you!

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