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Formatting and unlicensed informationEdit

I don't wish to be evil, nasty, victimizing or any other variation of the word that anyone could think of. But, Stripey, could you PLEASE!!!! respect the policies and guidelines of the wiki, as well as our style guide. This wiki is the home for sources that has been licensed by Paramount, and unfortunately, while excellent books, Ships of the Starfleet and the USS Enterprise Evolution Charts are not licensed material.

Again I don't wish to be cruel, I know you aren't that experienced with formatting, but other users are there to help. Thanks for your attention. --The Doctor 13:57, 8 March 2007 (UTC).

No problem. I've recently been seeing sourcebooks (Star Trek IV) and F.A.S.A. in articles here and I...made an assumption...that SotS and HCE were allowed here. I will endeavour well to not use them again. And, finally, none of what you said came across as evil, nasty, blahblahblah.  :)

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