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Attitude[edit source]

I find your attitude towards me to be growing less and less tolerable. You aren't willing to recognize that I'm informing you of existing site policy, now you are taking it to a personal level by criticizing my attempts to explain the situation.

You are pursuing an approach to an article that is not in keeping with a previosuly discussed policy. Please limit your discussion to actual Star Trek sources or addressing Memory Beta policy. Off topic and personal discourse will not be tolerated any longer -- if you could boil it down to the point, fine, otherwise please drop this issue you seem to have with me personally, and follow Memory Beta policy in discussing and editing articles referencing published Star Trek sources, not "possible" sources that don't exist... -- Captain MKB 05:31, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Mike, if you would stop obsessing over ST:Online and listen, then I could explain what I am talking about! The other sources I am talking about here are the recent novels that have been written about the Mirror Universe lately, such as those published in Glass Empires, Obsidian Alliances, Shards and Shadows, the full length version of The Sorrows of Empire, and the upcoming Rise Like Lions. Those depict a Mirror Universe that is completely incompatible with that depicted in ST:Online. What makes STO any more real than those? It's not, of course. It's no more, or less, an alternate timeline than those novels are. It's not intended to be official Trek canon. Nor, I admit, are the other novels. All are simply examples of the many different possible futures of the Mirror Universe. Dark Mirror isn't compatible with ANY of this, since in it, the Terran Empire never even fell! Are you beginning to understand this now? Mr. Laser Beam 05:47, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

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