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how to edit links to certain starship articles Edit

I realize that another user has already made the change you recently requested to the "Milius Verata" page, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to teach you how the link templates for starships with certain prefixes work.

First off, this is how the page names for articles concerning starships from the larger, well-known factions, as well as a number of smaller factions, are structured:

  • prefix ("USS" for Fed Starfleet ships, "IKS"/"IKC"/"IKV" for Klingon military ships, "IRW"/"RIS" for Romulan military ships, etc; look here for more registry number (scroll down a bit))
  • ship name
  • disambiguant in brackets; for Fed ships, that is mostly the registry (i.e. "NCC-1701-E")

Now, click on "edit source" to see how the links for Fed ships are structured: {{USS|ship name|disambiguant (where needed; this is hidden in normal page view)|display addon}} (can only be used if the page name has a disambiguant, and should only be used when that disambiguant is a registry)}}

For the "USS Enterprise" (page name: "USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)"), the link will look like this: {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701-E|-E}}. The result will look like this: USS Enterprise-E. Notice that the name is now italicized and you cannot see the registry anymore. That is the entire point of these templates. The "-E" at the end in this case is just to show the reader which of the many "Enterprises" we're talking about/linking to.

Now, for the "USS Sovereign" (page name: "USS Sovereign (prototype)"), the link will look like this: {{USS|Sovereign|prototype}}. The result will look like this: USS Sovereign. Notice that I have omitted any display addon.

Additionally, there are a few other prefixes that we have link templates for. These are, in alphabetical order:

  • "CDS" (Cardassian military ships)
  • "ChR" (Romulan Empire military ships; mostly used in older novels for 23rd century ships)
  • "ECS" (civilian ships of the "Earth Cargo Service")
  • "FMS" (Ferengi military ships)
  • "IKC", "IKS" and "IKV" (Klingon military ships)
  • "IRW" (Romulan Empire military ships; most common Romulan prefix)
  • "ISS" (Terran Empire Starfleet ships from the mirror universe)
  • "RIS" (Romulan Empire military ships)
  • "RRW" (Romulan Republic military ships; from STO)

For any starship page that has a prefix that we don't have a link template for, we do have a generic prefix template: {{pre}}. It works by adding an extra step before all the other steps outlined above: {{pre|UESS|Enterprise}} will give UESS Enterprise.

I hope this helps. - Bell'Orso (talk) 17:17, November 19, 2018 (UTC)

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