Ushpallar was a male Vorta who commanded the Dominion invasion and occupation forces on the planet Coroticus III from 2374. During his time on this technologically primitive world, he presented himself to the native Coroticans as a god, the child of Ashpa of the Sun and Vwainleila of the Earth (i.e. the land). Ushpallar used his advanced technologies to convince the majority of the population of his divinity, and was given the title "He Who Blesses and Condemns."

Among the "blessings" Ushpallar gifted the Coroticans with was improved sanitation and disease control; he also condemned the town of Ajjem-kuyr when their academic Academy questioned Ushpallar's godhood and his rule, by annihilating the town.

At the end of the Dominion War, Ushpallar apparently became mentally unbalanced and resisted orders to withdraw with his Jem'Hadar troops from the planet. He locked his Jem'Hadar in their base, where all died while trying to escape. Ushpallar later took to eating from their corpses, and then hunted and ate the flesh from other Coroticans.

Ushpallar was discovered by a team from the USS da Vinci in late 2376, which had come to Coroticus III to determine the level of cultural contamination done by the Dominion. Security guard Makk Vinx was able to find Ushpallar and incapacitate him, after which he was presumably taken into custody.

Ushpallar left a strong impression on the Coroticans' religious community. He continued, even after he withdrew from Corotican society, to be viewed as a fulfillment of ancient scriptures, and the temple in the town of Baldakor had a shrine dedicated to him, including a stained-glass window depicting his likeness. Dr. Carol Abramowitz, in an effort to mitigate some of the worse damage he had done, told Dyrvelkada, the local religious leader, that the worst of the god Ushpallar's condemning acts were in fact committed by Henjiqi, shapeshifters from Corotican legend, who had brought their great battle in the heavens to their world. Ushpallar, she said, had left Coroticus to join this battle. (SCE eBook: Fables of the Prime Directive)

It is not clear whether Ushpallar was the Vorta's original name, or it was one he adapted from the Corotican faith.
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