Uttan Narsu was a male Human who served as an officer in the United Earth Starfleet and later in the Federation Starfleet in the 22nd century.


In March, 2156, Narsu held the rank of captain and commanded the USS Archon when it participated in a war game with one of Enterprise's shuttlepods to find the weakness in the warp detection network protecting Coalition star systems. He then had dinner with the commanders of the fellow participanting vessels: Captains Archer, Hernandez, Shumar, and Ramirez.

A month later, the Archon took part in the Second Battle of Berengaria. After the Romulan forces were defeated, fleet commander Jonathan Archer invited Narsu and Shumar to the surface of Berengaria VII to inspect the ruins of Starbase 1 with him. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

Narsu continued his career in the Federation Starfleet after its founding, and by 2165, he has been promoted to admiral and became the commanding officer of Starbase 12. By May of that year, he invited Captain Shumar to transfer his vessel, the USS Essex, to his fleet operating out of Starbase 12. (ENT novel: Uncertain Logic)

Later that year, when relations with the Klingon Empire started to degrade, and Starfleet feared that a war could break out, Narsu's plan about the Essex came to fruition as it was among the vessels that were transfered to that region of Federation space. (ENT novel: Live by the Code)

In 2167, Narsu was still in command of Starbase 12, when the Essex vanished in the vicinity of the Mab-Bu system. (TNG episode: "Power Play")



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